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This document applies to some Multifunction Printers (MFPs) of HP LaserJet Pro. For new HP LaserJet Pro MFP M329, M428, M429 or M479, go to HP LaserJet Pro MFP M329, M428-M429 — E-mail Setup.

The printer has a feature to scan a document and send it as an attachment to an email message directly to one or more email addresses.

NOTE: The printer has to be linked to a network and the Scan to Email function has to be configured to use this scan feature.

The following tasks are explained in this document:

  • How to set the email scan function
  • How to scan for E-mail when the feature is configured

Set up the Scan to Email feature

Depending on the PC operating system, the steps for setting the Scan to Email feature are different. Start by checking the “Before you begin” details and then move on to your operating system section (Windows or macOS).

NOTE: Click on the heading section to expand a section of this document.

Before you start

The printer must have an active network link to the same network as the machine that runs the setting process for configuring the Scan to Email feature.

Before starting configuration, administrators need the following information:

  • Administrative printer access
  • Server SMTP (smtp.mycompany.com, for example)

NOTE: If you do not know the name of the SMTP server, SMTP port number, or the information for authentication, please contact e-mail / Internet service provider or system manager for information. SMTP server names and port names can usually be found easily by searching the Internet. For example, search for terms like “gmail smtp server name” or “yahoo smtp server name.”

  • Number of SMTP port

Authentication specifications of SMTP server for outgoing e-mail messages, including the username and password, if applicable.

For Windows users: Setup Scan to Email

Method 1: Use the Scan to Email Wizard (Windows)

Some HP Printers include a software CD driver. The Setup Scan to Folder and Email option is available at the end of this installation. The setup wizards include basic configuration options.

In addition to the following instructions, you can view the following video of the Scan to Email feature using the Windows HP Software Wizard:

If you cannot view the above video or view the video in a different format, click here to view the YouTube video.

  1. Click Start, then press Software. Programs.
  2. Click HP, click printer name, then click Email Wizard Scan.
  3. Click the New button in the Outgoing Email Profiles dialog. Opens the Scan to Email Setup dialog.
  4. On the 1st. Enter email address of the sender in the field Email Address.
  5. Enter the name of the sender in the Display Name field. This is the name written on the control panel of the printer.
  6. To request a 4-digit PIN in the security pin field to be entered on the printer control panel before a printer can send an file, then enter a PIN again and then select Next.
  7. On the 2nd. Enter the SMTP server and port number, authenticate tab.
  8. For email services that use GoogleTM Gmail, select the checkbox Always use protected link (SSL / TLS).
  9. Choose the maximum e-mail size from the drop-down menu.
  10. NOTE: HP recommends usingAutomatic’s default file size for the maximum capacity.
  11. If an authentication is required to send an email, select the checkbox Email Log-in Authentication, then enter the user ID and password, then click next.
  12. On the 3rd. To copy sending email messages from the profile automatically, select Include sending email messages in all email messages sent successfully from the printer and then click next.
  13. On the 4th. Finishing tab, checking details and ensuring all settings are right. If an error occurs, press the Return button to correct the mistake. If the settings are correct, please press Save and Check to verify the settings.
  14. Click Finish to complete the configuration when the Congratulations message is displayed.

Method 2: Set up the Scan to Email feature via the HP Embedded Web Server (Windows)

1. Access the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Setting the IP address to:

2-Line Control Panels: Push the OK button on the Printer Control Panel. Open the menu Network Setup, then pick Display IP Address to reveal the IP address or host name.

Touchscreen control panels: Touch the Connection Information button) (from the home screen on the printer control panel, then tap the Network Connected button), (or the Network Wi-Fi ON button) (to display the IP address or host name.

Open a Web browser and type the IP address or host name in the address line exactly as it appears on the control panel for the printer. Press the Enter key on the keyboard for your computer. Opens the EWS.

Step 2: Configure the Scan to Email feature

  • Click the tab on Program.
  • Click the Administration link on the left navigation pane.
  • Set the Scan to Email option to On within the Enabled Features area.
  • Click the tab “Scan.”
  • Click the Link to Outgoing Email Profiles in the left navigation pane.
  • Click on New button on the Outgoing Email Profiles tab.

Fill in the following steps in the Email Address area:

For the new outgoing email profile, enter the sender’s email address in the Your Email Address field.

Insert the name of the sender in the field Display Name. This is the name that will be written on the control panel for printers.

Complete the following steps in the SMTP Server Settings area:

In the SMTP Server field , enter the address of the SMTP server.

Please enter the SMTP port number in the SMTP Port field.

Select the Always using Secure Link (SSL / TLS) check box when using GoogleTM Gmail for email service.

If authentication is required by the SMTP server to send an email, complete the following steps to populate the fields in the SMTP Authentication area:

Selecting the SMTP server involves authentication in the check box for outgoing email messages.

In the User ID field of SMTP enter the SMTP server User ID.

Please enter the SMTP Server password in the SMTP Password field.

To allow the entry of a PIN on the printer control panel before sending an email using the email address, complete the following steps to fill in the fields in the Optional PIN area:

Insert a 4-digit PIN in the PIN (Optional) sector.

The 4-digit PIN is re-entered in the Confirm PIN field.

To configure optional email preferences, complete the following fields in the Email Message Preferences area with the desired settings:

Maximum Email Message Attachments Size: Use this drop-down menu to pick the maximum size for attachments to the text.

NOTE: HP recommends that you use the default Automatic file size for maximum size.

Auto CC: Select this check box to copy the sender automatically on email messages sent from the profile.

Review all the information, then click one of the options below:

Save and Test: To save the information and test the connection select this option.

Save Only: To save the information without testing the connection, select this option.

Cancel: Select this option without saving, to quit configuration.

Step 3: Add contacts to book of email addresses

  • Click on the Email Address Book in the left navigation pane to add email addresses to the printer’s accessible address book.
  • Choose from the options below to add contacts to the address book, and follow the steps given:
  • Use the following steps to type in an individual email address:
  • Insert the name of the new email contact in the field Contact Name.
  • In the Contact Email Address, enter the new contact email address.
  • Click on Edit / Add.
  • Use the following steps to create an Email group:
  • Click on Group New.
  • Insert a name for the new group in the group name field Enter.
  • Click on a name in the area All Individuals, and then click the arrow button to move it to the group area Individuals.
  • Click Save button.

NOTE: Simply select multiple names by pressing Ctrl and then clicking on a name.

Step 4: Set Email Options default

  • Click on the Email options in the left navigation pane to configure the default email options.
  • Complete the following steps in both the Default Subject and Body Text area:
  • Insert a default subject line for email messages in the field Email Subject.
  • For the email messages, enter a custom default message in the Body Text field.
  • Select Show body text to allow to view the default body text in emails.
  • To delete the default body text for an email pick Hide body text.

Fill out the following steps in the Scan Settings area:

  • For scanned files, select the default file format from the drop-down Scan File Type.
  • For scanned images, pick the default paper size from the drop-down of the Scan Paper Size.
  • Choose the default resolution for the scanned files from the drop-down Scan Resolution.

NOTE: Images with higher resolution have more dots per inch (dpi), so they provide more detail. Lower resolution images have fewer dots per inch and display less data, but smaller file size.

  • Select Black & White or Color from the drop-down Output Option.
  • In the Prefix field for the file name, enter a prefix for the file name (e.g. MyScan).
  • Select File.

Mfp m227fdw Scan to Email Setup

Follow the steps below for scanning a file directly to an email address using the printer control panel. In an email message the scanned file is sent as an attachment to the email address.

NOTE: The printer must be connected to a network to use this scan feature, and the Scan to Email function must be configured. For information on how to set up the Scan to Email feature please refer to the previous section in this document.

  • Load the document according to the printer indicators onto the scanner glass.
  • Touch the Scan icon from the home screen of the printer control panel.
  • Touch Email Scan.
  • Send an Email to Touch.
  • Choose the from address you want to use. Often known as “the outgoing email profile.”

NOTE: If you have set up the PIN feature, enter the PIN and then tap the OK button. If a PIN has not been set up, use of this feature is not required.

Press the To button and select the address or group you wish to send the file to. When finished, tap on the Done button.

NOTE: Send the scan to another email address, tap New again, then enter the email address.

  • To add a subject line, tap on the Subject button.
  • Click Next button.
  • The scan settings will be displayed on the control panel screen of the printer.
  • Touch the Settings button to change any of the scan settings, then select the desired settings.
  • Continue on to the next step after selecting the desired settings.
  • To start the scan job press the Scan button.

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