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HP m479fdw scan to email

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HP LaserJet Pro MFP m479fdw series Scan To Email Setup

This document applies to some Multifunction Printers (MFPs) of HP LaserJet Pro. For newer models, HP LaserJet PRO MFP M329, M428, M429, or M479, go to MFP M329, M428-M429, M479 — Scan to Email.

The printer has a feature that allows you to scan and send a document directly in an email message to one or more email addresses as an attachment.

NOTE: The printer must be linked to a network to use this scan feature, and Scan to Email must be set up.

The following tasks are guided in this document:

  1. How to set the email scan function?
  2. How to search for email once the feature is configured?

Set up the Scan to Email feature

The steps to set the Scan to Email function vary depending on the Computer device. Start by checking the details in the “Before you start” section, and follow up on the operating system section (Windows or macOS).

NOTE: Click the section heading to extend a part of this text.

Before you start

The printer should have an active network link to the same network as the machine that runs the installation process to set the Scan to Email function.

Before starting the configuration process, administrators need the following information:

  • Administrative printer access
  • SMTP (smtp.mycompany.com, for example)

NOTE: For instance, if you do not know the SMTP server name, SMTP port or authentication information, please contact the email / Internet Service Provider or the system administrator. SMTP server names and port names can usually be found easily by searching the web. You are using terms such as “Gmail smtp server name” or “Yahoo smtp server name” for search purposes, for example.

  • SMTP port number
  • SMTP server authentication requirements for outgoing emails, including an authentication user name and password where applicable.

NOTE: For information on the digital sending limits for your email account, see the details of your email service provider. If you reach your sending cap, some providers can temporarily lock your account.

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