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HP Officejet 7740 scan to email

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HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Scan Setup

Connect the printer to and power the reliable wall power source. Enable your connected wireless router to a network source.

  • Touch the Wireless icon on the control panel of the printer.
  • Link your Wi-Fi printer to your wireless router.
  • Connect your laptop to the same wireless network source.
  • Load the scanner with the scanning paper.
  • Tap the scan button on the printer control panel.
  • A green light passes into the detector.
  • If the scan is done, the scanned copy appears on the laptop computer.
  • To download and save the document, click the Save option below.
  • Additional scanning features can be done from the printer 123.hp.com/ojpro7740. They include Computer scanning, e-mail scanning, network scanning.

How To Scan From HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printer To Computer

Scan a document and save the scanned copy in PDF format.

  • Get the trusted HP Scan Extended Software.
  • Find and double-click the setup file in the folder Downloads.
  • Select Allow Once and press Yes on the pop-up window.
  • Carry out the installation process with the instructions on the screen.
  • Check for HP on your Windows computer in the Start line.
  • Locate and double-click HP Scan Extended Software.
  • Choose the Extended Run HP Scan option and wait a while.
  • To open the PDF window, click the + sign.
  • Switch the Scan option to PDF and leave the menu.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Scan To Email

  • Use your printer’s email I d to share the scanned document.
  • Access your HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 printer with Control Panel settings.
  • Select the Scan to Email option in the Applications menu.
  • Power up your Apple computer and click on the taskbar for the Apple icon.
  • Pick from the drop-down list and press the Machine Preferences button.
  • Wait until the Finder menu opens and press Go on top of the screen after it opens.
  • Double-click the Image Capture option on the upcoming screen.
  • Alter the settings & click Scan. The doc moves to the synchronized email account.

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