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HP Officejet Pro 8026 Scan To Email

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123 HP Officejet Pro 8026 printer Scan To Email setup

  1. Hp Officejet pro 8026 Scan To Email
  2. Hp ojpro8026 Scan to Email Steps
  3. Hp OJPRO 8026 Email scanning.
  4. HpOfficejet Pro 8026 Printer Scan

HP Scan to Windows 10 Email Setup

Hp.com setup ojpro8026 Printer Scanner Check documents or images or any other file in the scanner control panel, check the available email on the scanner’s HP web-enabled HP printer from the application menu. Hp.com setup ojpro8026 Using the scanner, send it to the email and follow scanning instructions.

Steps For Hp, Check-In Gmail OJ PRO 8026 Printer Scanner

  1. Start your hp.com ojpro8026 printer device and scanner configuration and complete the initial download configuration, update scanner software and print it.
  2. When a document is required to be sent to an email, hp com ojpro8026 requires a scanner scan; combine the email scan with the choices in the scanner control panel of the printer.
  3. After the initial setup has been completed, you can load your document into your HP ojpro8026 Printer Scanner software stream.
  4. The original document is placed on top of the scanner, and a document is now scanned.
  5. Select the device from your computer that you want to scan. When you connect your HP ojpro8026 printers to different computers.
  6. The scanned document will appear on the device after scanning which form of the file you want to save: Save as PDF or save as the JPEG file.
  7. When you chose to save it as a PDF for your paper, it will be stored as a PDF file, or it will be stored in JPEG format if you want to save it as the JPEG file.
  8. In particular, the JPEG file format can be used for photos.
  9. After the steps have been completed, click OK.
  10. Save the PDF document or JPEG is saved on the hard drive of your computer. The document or photo file can be accessed quickly whenever you want.
  11. You can now search for a file and email and log into your email.
  12. You must click Generate a New Message after logging into your email account.
  13. Tap the Compose mailbox window connection button. It reveals the reverse of the view of your camera.
  14. You can add or insert a file on your computer by clicking on the connection icon.
  15. Find where you have saved your scan file or select the scanned file manually on your computer.
  16. To pick the searched file, click on it.
  17. Link to your email then.
  18. Now enter your message, and it’s under the connection.
  19. Insert the email address of the recipient.

And then send Click.

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