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HP Officejet pro 9025 scan to email

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HP Officejet Pro 9025 How to Scan?

Follow Our Steps to perform HP Officejet Pro 9025 How to Scan in Windows and Mac.

How to Perform HP Officejet pro 9025 Scan Function in Windows?

  • After the printer has been set up, install the HP Scan app.
  • Place the scanned document or picture on the glass of the scanner and close the lid of the scanner.
  • Choose your device name and scan job form whether the printer includes a scan button or a touch scan menu.
  • Wait for the printer to finish the scanning task and return to the computer. The directory where the scan is saved is immediately opened. Tap the Scan file in the name to view the scan.
  • If your printer has no Scan button, follow the steps above.
  • Type HP in the Windows search bar, then pick your model printer. To open the HP search, pick Search a Picture or Text.
  • Select a shortcut and change the right pane settings. 8)To pre-save the scan, select the box next to the Show Scan preview or Show Viewer to make more settings after the scan.
  • Choose Advanced or More Settings, tap Destination and then press Search.
  • Click OK or Save. Repeat the steps above for a simple shortcut.

How to Perform HP Officejet Pro 9025 Scan Function in Mac?

  • Once the printer has been set up, download HP Quick Scan or Program.
  • Place your document or photo to be scanned on a scanner glass. HP Officejet Pro 9025 How to scan from Mac.
  • If you have a Scan button in your printer, press it. When prompted to select the scan job form, click your device name.
  • Wait until the scan is done and return to the Mac system. Automatically the scanned folder opens. Select the Scan file in the name for viewing the file.
  • If your printer has no scan button, please follow the steps above. Search for Scan on the Mac, then click on the list HP Easy Scan.
  • Choose your printer from the drop-down scanner.
  • Choose from the Presets option a scan job type. Click the choice Search.
  • Click the scanned item’s thumbnail option on the panel and then press Edit to change and streamline the scan.
  • Select Send in the lower right corner of the window and click on the Folder option.
  • Choose a folder to save the file in the Where menu and pick Save options in the Prefix area.

HP Officejet Pro 9025 Scan Double Side

For double-sided scanning, the automated document feeder must be assisted by your printer. If your printer does not help this, please follow the following steps to scan double side of hp officejet pro 9025.

  • Place your photo or document on the glass of the scanner and close the lid of the scanner.
  • Click the Scan option on the HP Scan window.
  • Select your printer from the Scanner menu and select from the Presets menu a scanning job type.
  • Tap the right-top arrow to display and adjust the scan color and quality parameters.

Click Search Continue. Repeat the steps to scan the document on the other side.

HP Officejet Pro 9025 How to Scan to Computer?

  • Load a document or photo for scanning in a glass scanner.
  • Then search for HP on Windows and choose your printer 123.hp.com/ojpro9025.
  • The HP Wizard tab opens.
  • Click Scan- > Scan a photo or document.

Select a scan shortcut, change the job settings, and then click the Scan option.

HP Officejet Pro 9025 Scan to Email

In most cases, Scan to Email works only on your computer if a local email client is installed as Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. You need your local email client to configure web-based email accounts like Gmail , Yahoo and Hotmail. Follow the following procedure to scan emails for hp officejet pro 9025.

  • Search for HP in Windows and then click on the name of your printer. The HP Printer Assistant page opens.
  • Choose Scan- > Document or Photo scan.
  • Choose a shortcut such as Email Document or JPEG Email and then click Scan.
  • The Scan preview page opens now.
  • Click Send.

HP Officejet Pro 9025 How to Scan to PDF?

  • Search for HP and select your printer on your Windows.
  • Click Scan->Photo or Document scan. The HP Scan begins.
  • Choose Save as PDF or File option for HP Scan.
  • In the Save menu select the PDF option.
  • If required, change the name of the file or folder and click Save.

What to do when HP Deskjet 3630 Cannot Scan?

When you have problems scanning the printer with the HP Deskjet 3630, follow the following guidelines to resolve the issue.

  • Disconnect the HP Deskjet 3630 printer from power cables and all cables.
  • Next click and hold down the power button of the printer for 15 seconds. The printer should be wired directly to the wall outlet and no adapter should be used.
  • Remove and reconnect your printer’s power cable. If the printer does not turn on automatically, the printer must be turned on manually. Next, try downloading and installing software from the official HP website of the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Steps to Scan to Share Point from Printer Control Panel

  • Click the Scan option on the Home screen of the 123.hp.com/ojpro9025 printer control panel.
  • Tap Sharing Point from the Scan tab.
  • Type the name of the folder you want to search from the Share Point folder list.
  • Hold the paper on the scanner glass or on the printed side in the automated document feeder.
  • Check the details on the Scan Screen in the Save As, Filename and Original two-sided fields, then press Start Scan to get full solution for hp officejet pro 9025 scan following our steps.

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