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HP Printer Scan To Email Pin

We understand that you’ve checked your printer to email issues.

Do not worry I want to help you out.

Have you made any changes regarding your printer?

As you described when trying to scan from your printer to email, you are being asked to enter the code.

In the EWS page try to update your email address and password.

Make sure your printer is connected to a network before you fix web services, whether it is via a hard-wired Ethernet connection or wireless. To confirm an active Ethernet connection, print a Network Configuration Report from the front panel of your printer (usually found under Tools/ Reports).

When connecting via wireless, touch the wireless icon icon.png of the printer. If you see it as connected, and an IP address starts with 192.168 … Or ten. Oh, great. If not, run the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect to the name of your network (SSID) and enter the password as prompted.

Make sure the date and time settings on your printer are accurate. In most cases, you can check and change this through the front panel of the printer, and through the Embedded Web Server of the printer.

Now touch the web services icon or ePrint (depending on the model) and try enabling web services with network connectivity assured.

  • If you were effective in connecting and printing an info sheet, or at least a ——————@something.com address would be displayed on the front panel of the printer, great, web services are now working. This means you can now assert your printer on HP Related, or you can use one of the above features *.
  • Note that if you still need assistance with these features, ePrint and scan to email functionality are addressed later in this post.
  • If web services still don’t require attempting to restore the factory defaults * of your printer.
  • I would recommend you use the EWS printer page to try and set up a Scan to E-mail account. Try the following steps to:
  • Tap the Setup / Wrench button from the front panel of the printer, and then press Tools
  • Select Restore Defaults to Factory

Note that newer printers may have this setting in place of Tools under the heading Printer Maintenance.

Next, reconnect (wireless or wired) to your network and try setting a manual DNS:

Make a note of IP address for the printer. Complete next steps for setting a manual DNS:

Input the IP address of the printer into a web browser (Chrome, Firefox , Safari, Internet Explorer) and press Enter directly to access that page. This should take you to an Embedded Web Server (EWS) for your printer.

  • Click the tab on Network.
  • Tap Networking in the sub-menu to the left.
  • Click Network Address (IP) instead.
  • Click the Manual DNS Server button.
  • DNS Preferred input manual as
  • Input DNS Server alternate to
  • To complete this shift click on Apply.

Note that EWS menu headings noted above may vary across printer models. If you don’t see the exact headings that I’ve listed here, the subheading you need should still appear under the tab on Networking.

Next, touch the ePrint.gi Web Services icon for ePrintand to re-enable your web services (necessary for email scanning, ePrint and other functionality).

Next, if you were led to this post by a scan to email issue, touch the scan icon and input the email address you are looking for. Next, retrieve the PIN you should have automatically received via email, and finish your email setup scan by entering this PIN into your printer. Ideally the service will be fully functional if you can get this far.

  • Try the steps listed below, too.
  • Get the printer’s IP address – To get the IP address, you can tap the “wireless” icon on the printer control panel.
  • To get a EWS printer page on your computer, type the IP address in your web browser.
  • Click on Scan tab from the EWS.
  • Click Scan to Configure Account.
  • Click the Outgoing Email Profile button, click New, and then enter the email address you intend to use.

To define this email profile, enter a show name that will appear on the printer control panel.

Enter or confirm the correct information regarding SMTP server and SMTP port.

If you typically need to log in to your email account with a username and password, you will want to enter this information in the email authentication fields, and then click next.

  • Enter a security PIN to restrict, if desired, access to that email profile.
  • Set the size of the email files and if desired indicate Auto CC.
  • To complete the profile click Save or Save and Test.

Refer to email settings for more information about scanning in the printer user manual.