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Can Signeasy help improve HR compliance training completion rates?

by stacy

When it comes to HR compliance training, having strict deadlines is of the utmost importance. Because regulations are always being updated, you must be under a great deal of pressure to bring all of your staff members up to speed on the most recent changes within a predetermined amount of time. And in the COVID-19 scenario, where workers are working from home and contending with new distractions, it is much more difficult to complete compliance training within the allotted time.

It’s possible that you’ve discovered that a significant portion of the delays are caused by employees who are reluctant to complete the documentation that is required of them.

The use of electronic signature solutions, such as Signeasy, is the most efficient approach to speed up the paperwork associated with compliance training and, as a result, enhance completion rates.

Take an honest look at remote compliance training paperwork

Your staff members will be required to attend mandatory training courses on a regular basis. These workshops will cover topics like as performance management, work-life balance, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Your employees will not only need to print, sign, and scan or courier material linked to compliance training, but they will also need to do something that may seem like a drag to them. That’s what I call a double-edged sword!

You will notice that the use of the traditional wet signature procedure slows down the percentage of telecommuters who successfully complete compliance training for the following reasons:

  • Registering for the mandatory training programmes
  • Keeping track of who is present for each session
  • Verifying that they have retained the knowledge gained from the course
  • Because the present paperwork for compliance training is inefficient, employees tend to place it in the important-but-not-urgent or, even worse, the “low priority” quadrant of Eisenhower’s 2×2 matrix. This might have negative consequences.

Benefits of eSignatures in compliance training

And if there is a delay in the paperwork, there will also be a delay in the compliance training. That is something that we just can’t allow ourselves to have.

In the following part, you will learn how to move the paperwork required for compliance into the important or urgent quadrant of the matrix.

Advantages of using electronic signatures in compliance training Your small or medium-sized business (SMB) needs a mechanism for employees to swiftly and hygienically sign-off on papers related to compliance training. This can be accomplished with the use of electronic signatures. Electronic signature solutions can be of assistance in more ways than one with this matter.

The following are some of the advantages that can be realised by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who adopt electronic signing:

Reduce the amount of time needed to finish: The employee experience is negatively impacted when the paperwork for compliance training takes one too many steps to finish. The consequence of this is that their motivation to finish the programme is diminished. Choose eSignature workflows so that you don’t have to put your employees through the rigmarole of physically signing documents. Because of this, it will be lot simpler and much less difficult for them to do the training in a shorter amount of time.

  • Sign in the flow of work: In most cases, even when employees are given emails requesting them to sign compliance-related forms, they end up ignoring the request. This is true even if the forms are signed in the flow of work. Why?
  • Because in order to open the eSignature application and complete the form, they will need to interrupt whatever they are working on at the moment and stop what they are doing. This is a drag on our overall productivity. Users of
  • Signeasy are able to sign the required compliance training documents without interrupting their work flow. This facilitates a signature process that is as frictionless as is humanly possible. Therefore, if they are maximising their productivity with applications like Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive, the signature can take place right where they are working.
  • You can sign from any location and at any time: With mobile-first eSignature systems like Signeasy, your employees can sign documents like registration and records of training “complete” from any location, regardless of whether they have access to a computer or not. And all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks and a few seconds to accomplish this task.
  • The sooner these forms are filled out, the less time will be required to finish everything.
    Streamline all of the signature processes: Basically, anytime a user finishes a training session, they will be required to sign the training log so that the session may be recorded. In addition, once each employee has signed the document, it will be sent to the trainer to be reviewed for approval. Electronic signature software, such as Signeasy, enables sequential as well as parallel signing, which can help signers stay on track with the workflow. With the help of these capabilities, you will be able to ensure that every student signs before the trainer gives the training log their blessing.

Increase the efficiency of HR: Compliance training documents can be a significant drain on the bandwidth available to the HR team. There are a number of administrative activities that need to be streamlined or automated, such as sending out reminders for signatures or rectifying errors that were made in the forms. This is how Signeasy can be of assistance:

Reuse templates: Instead of developing fresh forms for each employee, simply store a template on Signeasy. From there, you may alter the forms as needed and reuse them as necessary. No more starting from scratch every time you create a form. Just think of the amount of time and effort that will be saved!

You are able to highlight the fields that each user is required to fill in thanks to the “preset custom fields” option that Signeasy provides. Suffice it to say that if employees are given clear instructions regarding where they should sign documents, they will commit fewer mistakes. As a result, human resources personnel will need to spend less time making sure that signatures were affixed in the appropriate locations.

Tracking the status of documents should be automated; for example, have all of your staff members signed the registration form for the compliance training? Signeasy will send you notifications the minute the user signs the document, so you won’t need to open each form and check to see if the user has signed it.

Sending of reminders can now be automated, eliminating the need to manually fill out and send email reminders to employees in order to get them to sign the forms. Signeasy is able to generate and send out automated emails to your signers in order to remind them of pending forms that need to be signed.

Motivate employees to train with Signeasy

Let’s face it: unlike other professional learning and development courses, compliance training isn’t exactly the most interesting thing in the world. It does not have any bearing on promotions, and it is not particularly helpful in terms of the development of skills. It is something that cannot be avoided.

Therefore, getting rid of obstacles in their way, such as paperwork, is the most effective approach to provide your team the strength to complete the task at hand.

The elimination of the user’s drudge work is one of the most significant benefits that can be gained from adopting a user-friendly electronic signature solution. This boost in motivation for the user is one of the most powerful benefits that can be gained. Employees are encouraged to finish any necessary training much more quickly than in the past thanks to technological advancements such as automated reminders and touchless signature workflow.

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