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by stacy

Html Email Link

Although it is easy to add an HTML email link to your website, this can lead to spamming problems for your email account. These emails can be harvested by programs that allow people to spam in various ways.

Another option is to allow people to send you emails. You could use HTML forms to collect user information and then use PHP/CGI scripts to send emails.

A simple example, check our Contact Us Form. This form is used to collect user feedback. We then use one CGI program to collect this information and send it to the given email ID.

Note: HTML Forms will be covered in HTML Forms. CGI will be covered in Perl CGI Programming.

HTML Email Tag

HTML tag allows you to specify an email address that will be used to send emails. You will use a tag as an email tag. Here is how mailto can be used instead of HTTP.

The code will generate this link, which you can use for email.

Click this link to launch one email client (e.g. Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, etc.). Your user must have it installed on their computer. This option of sending email poses another risk. If the user does not have an email client installed, it will not be possible for them to send emails.

Standard Settings

Along with your email address, you can also specify a default subject and body. Here is an example of how to use the default body and subject.

The code will generate this link, which you can use for email.

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