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How to keep your field teams organized

by stacy

If you want to keep things operating well with mobile and scattered field personnel, you need professional management abilities. Businesses such as locksmiths, home repair services, delivery services, and construction companies generally have scattered teams that are spread out around the city, or even across many cities at the same time. Apps and digital tools for increased productivity are an absolute must for businesses of this nature if they wish to function at their full potential. Your consumers will start to take notice very quickly if your organisational processes are not as foolproof as they should be given that each group has its own own roster of customers and projects to manage. In addition to this, if you are dealing with hard-copy documents, organising the paperwork that needs to be completed with your back office can be a real pain. Establishing centralised hubs for essential activities, such as document processing and internal communications, is essential to the smooth operation of a firm on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, if your firm has field employees that are always on the move, continue reading to learn about the most essential apps for streamlining your operations and providing your consumers with the high-end service they are entitled to receive.

1. Hubstaff

One of the most difficult challenges for businesses that use mobile teams is trying to keep track of everyone’s time, deliverables, and whereabouts at all times. Time monitoring, GPS position tracking, digital timesheets, a team scheduling module, and payroll capabilities are some of the features that are included in Hubstaff, which serves as a hub for all things related to staff administration. The Hubstaff mobile app enables workers to clock in and out, input their hours worked, and more when they are away from the office. Workers who are present in the office also have the option of accessing the platform through their desktop computers.

2. Easy to sign

The only thing that is more chaotic than keeping track of field teams is managing the mountains upon mountains of physical paperwork that they bring back to the office each day (not to mention all of the papers that get lost inside workers’ cars and never make it to the back office in the first place!). Signeasy is a mobile document processing solution that was designed specifically for mobile teams, and it can make those stacks of paper vanish in an instant. Documents may be signed immediately using the Signeasy app, which is especially helpful for employees who are always on the move but have tablets available to them at all times. This software makes it unnecessary for workers to lug around piles of paperwork, and it significantly reduces the amount of time that must be spent travelling between the office and the location where the work is being done in order to scan and archive files. As a result, workers can move more freely and efficiently. request demo blog banner

3. Choose between Slack and Microsoft Teams

There is a good reason why Slack is considered the best tool for team communications. Slack is a messaging service, but it is so much more than that: you can share files, place calls (both phone and video), organise chats by groups and individuals, loop clients and vendors into the mix, and take advantage of tonnes of integrated tools like Google Drive and Dropbox. Slack is available as a desktop app as well as a mobile app. Teams is an additional high-performance option that is available to your firm if it currently employs applications that are a part of the Microsoft ecosystem. Because Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all part of Office 365, which is integrated within the programme, you will have speedy access to these essential applications. You are also able to place calls using Teams, and it comes with its own suite of apps that are interconnected. Teams, much like Slack, is accessible on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

4. Fyle

Imagine if your field staff had to go to a new place for work but they still have to worry about keeping track of their receipts and filing their expense reports on time. This could be a stressful situation for them. They are able to overcome the obstacles they have in terms of expenditure reporting, tracking, and administration when they use a modern expense report software like Fyle.

The receipt scanning feature of the tool allows for the efficient management of paper receipts by field personnel. In addition to this, they can generate expense reports directly from within their Gmail or Outlook mailbox. Fyle makes use of optical character recognition technology to automatically scan, extract, and fill in the expense report. This eliminates the need for the employee to perform any form of manual data entry. The following step requires them to merely evaluate and send in their reports of expenses, after which the information is immediately forwarded to the management for approval. In addition, the application features a comprehensive check engine that performs audits of the expense reports in real time, even before the expense report has been submitted.

It is also able to make the process of reconciling credit card transactions, receipts, and expenses incredibly simple and straightforward for finance teams with just the click of a button. In addition, using a feature such as next-day ACH payment, finance teams are able to promptly and comprehensively recompense employees. This assists in timely completion of the reimbursement cycle and assists in maintaining compliance.

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