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Say hello to our new logo

by stacy

Our company’s brand reflects our core values and reflects who we are. We are pleased to announce two small but important changes to our brand, “Signeasy”.

Signeasy is now Signeasy

It is the essence of our company and what you can expect when using our product. To achieve this end goal, we will make very minor changes to the trademark’s format. It is a small change, but it is a great example of the lengths we will go to in order to make your life easier.

You must use the shift key to capitalize the letter “E” in the middle text of the sentence “SignEasy.” Ironically, typing the word Easy can be difficult. Right?

Computers will often correct our company name by adding a space between the words “Sign Easy”.

Although it’s trivial, even trivial subjects are important to us. :)

Signeasy now has a quick way to type its name in one word. This is a great way to share Signeasy with your friends via Twitter or Whatsapp. Signeasy is now our name.

Breaking out of a pattern

It is not an important adjustment, but it does not mean that we arrived at this conclusion immediately. We have observed that most of our clients, business partners and others who wish us well prefer to write “Signeasy” rather than “SignEasy” over the past decade.

We have felt the need to give weight to other people’s opinions and choices since the beginning. We are now with.

Many companies in this industry have adopted the camel case trend, which capitalizes the first letter of the word that forms the second component of a closed compound (e.g., PayPal. QuickBooks. TurboTax).

We have made the conscious decision to deviate from the trend to keep our promise to you about our brand.

We are making an additional modification. That is, we will introduce a new logo.

Signeasy’s brand new logo

The new emblem looks simple, truthful, direct, and is straightforward. It is modern and shows the individuality and creativity of our product and people. The fonts used for the logo and subway signs in New York City belong to the same family. You might already recognize the typeface used in this logo. Our emblem will not appear outdated or archaic, just as New York City’s iconic subway system. Signeasy’s emblem is still blue because it stands for our friendly, helpful, kind nature.

The new logo will be used on all of our products and communications starting today. We will be undergoing a major transformation in the coming weeks. The new logo will be applied across all touchpoints.

Same us, new logo

These shifts are necessary for us to keep pace with the times and have helped us become closer to our core principles, which represent our brand. The promise we made to each of you has remained unchanged, as has the vision. We will continue to provide service to you in exactly the same way that we have always done (and hopefully even better).

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