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The Impact of Signeasy being Featured on the App Store

by stacy

Signeasy has routinely ranked in the top 50 iPad Apps and top 100 iPhone Apps in the business category in terms of downloads, according to App Annie. Following the release of our newly revamped iOS app, we were featured on the App Store homepage, and we have written about our experience, as well as provided recommendations on how to do the same. Featured in the App Store has a significant impact on the success of a business, as we will describe in this piece.

We witnessed a significant increase in our rating immediately following the publication of the article (2nd rank for iPad, 5th rank for iPhone in US App Store and in top 10 for many more countries). If you’re wondering how the coverage affected downloads, our daily downloads spiked by 5x on the day of the feature coverage, and they remained at that level for the entire week after. As it turns out, Apple rotates the list of “Best New Apps” every week, starting on Thursday, starting with the most recent update. As a result, we fell a little farther down the rankings over the following week and the following week.

Being featured in the App Store increased the number of downloads we received, but it had no effect on our revenue. In our opinion, the additional visibility resulted in more users trying out the app, but with no intention of using or purchasing the software right away.

Signeasy is a document filling and signing application.

In our income chart, you can see that we pretty much maintained our position in the top 10 to 20 grossing business category apps during the App Store feature time, and even into the following months, without experiencing any notable movement in those rankings. This shows that the intended users will discover the app in the app Store on their own and make purchases as and when they are required, following the expected user flow of discover, download, use, and purchase actions.

Signeasy Grossing Rank App Store Rank with the release of iOS 7.

Consequences of being featured in the Apple App Store

After the week-long special App Store feature has ended, you can still appear in other areas known as “App Store Collections,” which are based on the current time of year and season. In our particular circumstance, we were highlighted in the “Go Paperless” campaign.

Signeasy allows you to ditch the paper trail.

Apple highlighted the best new apps from the previous month at the end of April, and we were included in the list of “Amazing New Apps” for the month of April.

Signeasy has a fantastic app feature.

We were included in a variety of categories across many App Store collections in more than 100 different countries worldwide.

Signeasy has been featured in a number of app stores in April and May.

We gained more visibility in the App Store, which resulted in more downloads and enhanced brand awareness for Signeasy. With our lack of financial investment in promotion or app installation, this was a beneficial endeavour for all involved. Furthermore, the feature resulted in us landing on a very prominent online tech show hosted by Leo “The Tech Guy” Laporte as well as a local television channel in the United States.

Lessons learned

In order to get listed on the App Store, there is no obvious path to follow, and there is no final result that you can anticipate. The factors that we, as developers, can influence are as follows:

1) Improve the customer experience by assisting them in the easiest possible way to solve their difficulties.
2) Maintain your relationship with Apple’s developer relations team in order to solicit their comments during big changes to your app or to integrate with new technologies in every major update to Apple’s iOS. The App Store editors will undoubtedly take notice of this development.

There are several routes to App Stardom, including ascending from the top (being featured on the App Store home page) or descending from the bottom (getting featured from the “what’s hot” and “new and noteworthy” sections) of the App Store. If you continue to believe in your product and strive to be wonderful in the eyes of your customers, your app will eventually rise to the top of the App Store’s top carousel if you keep up with Apple’s latest and greatest iOS design guidelines and technological advances.

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