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Introducing: In-person signing using templates

by stacy

The process of signing in person has recently been even simpler!
Tablet and smartphone users, rejoice: the most mobile-friendly eSignature app on the market (that would be us!) is now available! Users have gained yet another degree of convenience as a result of this.

Customers who use our iOS and Android mobile apps will be able to access their saved templates – complete with all of their pre-set data – and have them signed in-person in person by other parties starting today. Our smart templates automatically highlight all of the fields that must be signed, leading the signer through the document as they fill it out on their mobile device, saving them time and effort. Even the longest documents can be completed in less than a minute thanks to this functionality, which makes us the only eSignature software on the market to allow for in-person signature using templates utilizing templates.

How does it work?

The next time you need to collect someone’s signature in person, you will be able to use the app to access any of your handy signature templates. Using the template, signers will be prompted as they complete the document, allowing them to understand what information has to be entered and where it should be placed.

Nobody will have to waste time searching through pages of material to discover the next signature field or text box (or, even worse, will miss it entirely). In seconds, our smart templates simplify and accelerate the signature process by highlighting just what needs to be completed and allowing the signer to tap through and sign in just a few short taps.

Several of our users, both organizations and individuals, have expressed an interest in implementing this approach. Our most popular workflow involves signing documents in person, particularly on an iPad. We’re pleased to be able to make the process even simpler with smart templates.

Always keep an eye out for new SignEasy developments and additions — there is always something new to discover!

Take a look at it in action!

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