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HBO Max explains cryptic email that accidentally went to subscribers

by stacy

This past Thursday, HBO Max premiered a brand-new mystery episode, and viewers have been raving about it on social media ever since.

However, like with most mysteries, there is a twist in this one. It wasn’t a performance. Instead, a mysterious email was given out to a small number of members, and now — spoiler alert! — the popular streaming service has disclosed who was behind the whodunit and how it was accomplished.

It all started when consumers got an email with the subject line “Integration Test Email #1,” which prompted them to investigate more. “This template is exclusively used by integration tests,” it stated in the body of the document. That’s all there is to it. After the email went viral, Twitter was inundated with jokes about it, and there was a heated debate about whether it was simply an innocent error or a brilliant marketing effort to get people talking.

HBO Max claims that it was the former, even though it achieved the latter.

According to a late-night tweet from the service, “we accidentally sent out an empty test email to a segment of our HBO Max mailing list this evening,” the error occurred. ‘We sincerely regret any inconvenience, and as the jokes pour in, we can confirm that it was the intern. No, I’m not kidding. And we’re assisting them in getting through it.”

Following the clarification, an emoji with a heart appeared, which seemed appropriate given how much some subscribers enjoyed the humorous fallout from the incorrect remark. Even HBO’s top executive, Jason Kilar, who also happens to be the CEO of WarnerMedia, joined in on the joke.

Kilar shared a list of the latest and greatest offers from the streaming service, including “Mare of Easttown,” the “Friends” reunion, and, of course, “Integration Test Email #1,” among other things.

And he was in good company for his moment of hilarity.

One person wrote, “INBOX: Integration Test Email #1, an intriguing new drama from HBO Max,” while another leaned into the joke with, “Lol if it turns out that the HBO Max email goof is a stunt for a new show called Integration Test Email then congrats to the marketing team,” while another said, “Lol if it turns out that the HBO Max email goof is a stunt for a new show called Integration Test Email then congrats to the marketing team.”

Others answered with their feigned eagerness for the “Integration Test Email #2” that will be sent out next season.

However, as HBO revealed the true story behind the email, the unidentified intern who had been accused of the error found herself the recipient of outpourings of pity, empathy, and a slew of supportive words.

One user congratulated the intern, saying, “You’re doing a fantastic job.” “This will make an excellent response when asked ‘what is the most significant production blunder you’ve made in an interview.” Nothing you did cause this to happen, and it should not have been possible for it to happen. @HBOMaxHelp “It’s uncool to put an intern under the bus, even if it’s anonymously,” says the host.

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