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Internet Cuts Out for a Few Seconds (Solve the Problem in a few Simple Steps)

by stacy

Is the internet the best way to do your work online? Are you able to listen online to lectures? Do you enjoy taking a break from school or hard work and binge-watching your favorite shows?

No matter what you do, the internet has become an integral part of your everyday life. Frequent internet cuts-offsThey can also cause you to lose some of the essential aspects of your job. But not only that – they can also prevent you from handing over a task on time.

Do You Still Wonder Why This Is Happening?

Download speed is lowOne reason is that it might be a problem. It might not be enough to perform any action. Low speed may cause a file to not be downloaded completely, which can lead to overloading and disconnection of Internet access for a few seconds.

Broken cables are another reason. Check that cables are not frayed or damaged.

This can be caused by an overloaded router. Overloaded routers can cause overloading if too many devices are connected to the same network.

You may also find large media files such as 4K videos too big to download at your current internet speed.

You mustn’t have any problems with your connection as it can impact your daily activities. But don’t worry! We can help you resolve any such problem in just a few steps.

Restart Your Router

This would be the easiest step so we placed it first. This step has two key elements. The first is the “POWER”This button will perform the main task. You should leave the router turned off for at least a minute before turning it back on again. That would be the second crucial step of the first.

To ensure you’ve completed the first step successfully, follow these steps Move the router to a different location. It often happens that the router cannot give a signal and give you functional connection when it’s behind something else. If you are fortunate, that might be all you need to solve your problem. If you’re not lucky, the next steps can help.

Speed up Link Modification

Low link speed is the root cause of your problems. You can fix it by increasing your link speed. It is easy to do in six steps.

Type in the following: “Control Panel”Click on the ENTERYour window should now be visible by pressing the button.

The next option is in “Internet and Network”. Click it to choose “Properties”.

Observe the following: “Configure” option. Now click the “Link speed” Choose and “Advanced”Congratulations! You have reached the sixth step, which is quite simple. To check if your success, close all windows and return to the beginning of the entire text.

Check your drivers again

If you don’t have the most recent drivers installed, your internet may be temporarily disconnected. Drivers can create other problems on your computer. However, they can also cause an abrupt disappearance of your internet.

You should ensure that you are always checking to make sure you have the most recent drivers installed on your device.  If it turns out you haven’t installed the latest version, don’t worry! It’s easy to do.

Before you do anything, make sure to verify the model number of your router. Once you have checked that, you can go to the next step and find your router model’s website and install the latest driver’s version.


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You don’t have access to the Internet to install the driver. Therefore, you will need to connect to your computer via Ethernet to transfer the driver. And that’s all.

To help you install it, you can use a third party tool. After you’ve completed the process, you can verify if there is still a problem. If drivers are the cause, the newer versions should resolve the issue.

Use Command Prompt

This problem can be solved by the Command Prompt using some of its commands. To choose this solution, you must first press Win + X KeysOpen the Menu barSelect PowerShell.Once you have opened it, run 4 commands.

The First would be ipconfig /flushdns. Next would be ipconfig/release. Then, ipconfig/renew. And the last would be netsh IP reset. Bravo!

We hope that this has helped you resolve your problem with internet connectivity. If you are still having trouble with your internet connection, here is another step.

Get a better internet package with higher speed

Your internet connection may slow down or disconnect when there are many devices connected to the network at once. If this happens and your internet is not connecting, contact your internet provider to get a faster internet package. Your provider should help you choose the right package. If none of the four previous steps were helpful, we will recommend the fifth step.

In conclusion

We think internet problems can be a major source of frustration. Nearly everyone relies on the internet for their daily lives, be it school, work, or personal. Despite the advancements made in recent years to the internet, there are still connection problems. That’s why we are here – to present you with the easiest ways to overcome these issues.

We hope that this article has helped you to solve your problem.

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