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Internet Light Red on Router: Meaning And How To Fix It?

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We are not exaggerating when we claim that having a fast and stable internet connection is now a requirement for everyone. The internet is used in all aspects of our lives, including for work, online classes and listening to music. We also use it for watching movies, streaming videos, and gaming. It is quite frustrating to lose an internet connection, and it should be fixed immediately.

A red light on the router indicates that the internet connection is not working. You are probably seeing it. This article will show you what the red Internet lights on your router mean, what causes it, and how to fix them.

Why is the Internet light red on my router?

Two patterns are important when looking at the red light on the router’s router:

  • Internet red: This usually means there is no Internet connection at all.
  • A blinking red Internet light indicates a problem with the connection that demands quick attention.

Although this may be slightly different depending on the router manufacturer, it is the general meaning of the red Internet Light on your router.

How to Fix Internet Light Red on Router

Below is a selection from the most popular and effective solutions that we have found.

Give it some time

It’s often important to wait before proceeding with troubleshooting. Your router’s firmware may be changing in the background. You should not interrupt the procedure in this scenario. It usually doesn’t last very long, but if it does, start with the basic troubleshooting.

Take a look at the Connections

An Internet red light can be triggered by a damaged or loose cable or connector. You can also see the red light if one of your cables isn’t connected to the correct port. This is usually when we change a piece or our networking equipment. We recommend that you place the old and the newly installed piece of equipment side-by side. Then disconnect and connect one cable at the time. This eliminates the possibility of accidentally connecting the cable to an incorrect port.

To check if the cables are tight, pull each one gently. If it does fall out, simply put it back in its place and verify that it is still in place. Each cable should be checked at both ends. Also, check for damage or abnormal bending. Fiber cables are particularly sensitive and easily damaged. You can replace the cable if you find any damage. Next, check if the Internet light on your router is still on.

Are you using a surge protector/power strip?

If your router is connected to a power strip or a surge protector, there are chances that it isn’t getting enough power. This can be ruled out by disconnecting the power cable and power strip from your router. Then connect it to the wall outlet. Check to see if the red Internet lamp is still lit after the router has powered up.

Restart the Router

In most cases, you can also restart the wireless router to fix the problem. It is easy.

Unplug your power cord from an electrical outlet. Allow the router to run without power for a couple of minutes. Then plug the power cord into the wall outlet. After the router has turned on, wait for it to boot completely. Next, check the Internet light color. If it’s still red, try the following.

Is Your Area Affected by an Outage?

Your connection could also be down due to a power outage, or another cause. In such cases, you should wait for your ISP and be patient. Perhaps they are performing scheduled maintenance, or perhaps they are having problems with their network.

You can check your router’s red light to see if there is an outage, regardless of the reason. Ask your ISP if there is an issue in your area. You can log in to your ISP account and app. If there is an outage, you will receive a notification telling you and when it will end. Finally, you can check out sites such as DownDetector and IsTheServiceDown to see if any other users are experiencing problems with their ISP.

Spectrum outage reported to IsTheServiceDown.com

You can only wait for them until the problem is fixed. Once they have fixed it, the red light on your router will go out and your connection will be restored.

How does WAN setup work to obtain an automatic IP?

Sometimes the WAN isn’t set to obtain an automatic IP address. This could be the cause of the red light. It is important to immediately check it.

This can be fixed by logging into the router admin dashboard. You will need to look for WAN. Make sure Automatic IP is checked in this section. If it isn’t set to Automatic IP, make sure to change that and save the settings.

Get Support from Your ISP

You should contact your ISP support if you have tried all of the suggestions and still get the red Internet Light. You can tell them everything you know about the problem, but you don’t need to list any solutions that you have already tried. They will test your line and attempt to help you remotely. If they fail, they can send someone to your home. He should be able to resolve your issue.

The Router is a Defective

It doesn’t matter if you have used the router for months, years, or if it’s new. There is always the possibility that your router is defective and nothing you do will work. If this is the situation, it’s best to contact the router manufacturer. There is an opportunity to have a replacement router if the warranty is still valid. The new router will hopefully be the solution to your red Internet light problem.

Final words

You now know more about the red Internet lights on your router. We hope some of these solutions have helped you solve this problem on your own. These tips will come in handy the next time your network goes down or becomes unstable. Take your time and apply each one one at a time. Give the router time to reboot completely before moving on to the next.

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