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Introduction Email Sample

by stacy

How To Introduce Yourself in an Email (With Examples)

The key takeaways

Use a professional introduction such as “Hello,” or “Greetings,”

If you are not familiar with the recipient, use their full name or only their first name.

Start with your reason for writing and use a simple subject line.

Please introduce yourself by including your full name, title, and any other pertinent details that the recipient may need.

The most used form of communication in business is email. Professionals receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails per day. You need to write a concise and informative introduction to grab their attention.

This article will show you how to introduce yourself to an email. We also provide examples and a template for email introductions that can be used to assist you in creating your own.

What is a self introduction email?

Self-introduction emails are messages that you send to people you have not met. They contain information about you. The email’s purpose is to ask for information, like advice, or request information about a job. An introduction email must grab the attention of the recipient and keep them interested in order to receive a reply.

How to introduce yourself via email

These steps will help you create an engaging introduction email.

Find a mutual contact

Use an informative subject line

Personalize your greeting

Write about the other person

Explain why you are reaching out

Include a call to action

Offer thanks and close


1. Contact a mutual acquaintance

Before you send an email introducing yourself, make sure to check with the recipient if there are any mutual acquaintances. Ask your mutual acquaintances if you know anyone who works for the same company as you, or who went to college with you.

2. Use an informative subject line

The subject line in an email is what a recipient sees first and can influence their decision to open or not. A subject line should be professional, informative, and short. You could use “Sales Associate Position Inquiry” to inquire about an open job. If you are applying for a job, or asking for information, please include the purpose of your application, such as “Sales Associate Application” and “Information Request on Marketing trends.”

3. Personalize your greeting

Start your email by writing a greeting that is specific to the recipient. Use “Dear Ms.” and your recipient’s last name if you are emailing someone who works in finance or law. You could also use “Hello” to introduce yourself to someone working in technology or media. Before you send an email, research the company and the person to determine the appropriate greeting.

4. Write about the person you are writing about

While you can introduce yourself by including your name and job title near the top of the email, the opening paragraph should be focused on the recipient. If you start with a compliment, it will make it easier to grab their attention. It is possible to mention something you admire about their organization or something you love about their work. It’s a great way to get to know someone.

5. Describe why you reached out

Describe why you are sending the email to the recipient. You can also explain how you got their email address. You could, for example, explain that you received their email address from a mutual contact and that you were interested in their job openings.

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