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Drag, Drop, Pick – Paperwork made simple with Signeasy for iOS 11

by stacy

The iOS 11 upgrade has arrived on our devices, and as a result, we’ve made some improvements to Signeasy to make it a smoother, easier, and overall better signing experience for you.

Two important changes have occurred in your Signeasy app as a result of iOS 11. Here’s a quick rundown of how each of these features functions.

Drag and Drop enables you to accomplish more with less effort!

Consider the following scenario: someone has just sent you an email requesting your signature on a paper. Open the Signeasy app on your iPad side by side with your Mail app to see how it works. Drag and drop the document from your Mail app to your Signeasy app, and then it’s back to business!

Furthermore, this particular functionality works for both photos and text. Simply open the Photos app along with the Signeasy app and drag and drop the image or logo from Photos to Signeasy to complete the process of adding it to Signeasy. Perhaps you want to include an address, a certain disclaimer line in the document, or some other piece of text in the document. Once again, simply choose the text you wish to include from the app and drag and drop it onto the Signeasy document you are currently editing.

Modifying papers becomes extremely straightforward and seamless thanks to the Drag & Drop functionality.

File Picker – Access all of your files from a single location.

Consider the following scenario: you have completed signing a document and are now required to email it. Previously, you would have had to save it to your iCloud account and then attach it. Alternatively, you may send the document from Signeasy, which would create a new email thread.

With our most recent upgrade, we’ve eliminated all of the unnecessary procedures that were previously required to access your files. If you want, you can reply to the same email thread with complete context and attach the signed paper to it. Select Browse from your Mail app and then Signeasy from your Files app from the drop-down menu. Search for and locate the file or document you’re looking for in seconds!

Please give the new and improved Signeasy for iOS 11 a try and let us know what you think in the comments section. Please contact us at support@signeasy.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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