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IP Address – A Beginner’s Guide

by stacy

Are you using for your default IP? Are you interested in learning more about this default IP, how it works and what it means? You are in the right spot if you answered yes.

Modems and routers manufactured by ZyXEL most commonly use this IP address. It is not so widely used like some other IP addresses (,,, and so on) however this doesn’t mean that it’s less important or valuable in some way. is a private IP address

The IP address is classified as a private Class C IP address. You can see that each IP class has a different range. This IP is not routable, which means it can exist inside a network, but not on the internet and it can’t be accessed from the Internet. The best thing about Private IP addresses, is that you can only have one of them in your network.

IP ClassPrivate IP range
Class A10.0.0.0 –
Class B172.16.0.0 –
Class C192.168.0.0 – as a default IP address

ZyXEL and other lesser-known brands also use this default IP as a general address. The default IP address is an IP address that is automatically assigned to a device such as a modem, router, or modem. This is used to enable us to access and configure the modem or router.

The setup pages are saved within the modem and router, so we don’t need an active internet connection to access them. Only a wireless or cable connection to the router is required. The good news is that you won’t be able to finish the action if the device you’re using to access the router settings isn’t connected to the network. To view the router settings, you’ll need a networked smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Two ways to use IP addresses

This IP can be used to access the router admin dashboard. Most people leave modem and router setup to the technician and they generally don’t have the need and don’t know why is important. This allows us to configure the router in the way that we like. It allows us to set up a custom network name and password, as well as secure our wireless network. We can also set up parental control settings. You can do this all from your router settings. This is where comes in.

Another way to make use of this IP is to ban a device from our network. Let’s say you notice that a device with the IP is connected and you don’t recognize it. It isn’t from a smartphone or a similar device you know. You can easily block it in your router settings. This guide will help you block a device from your WiFi.

How to log into a router using

enter in the URL bar

We usually contact this IP when we have a problem with our network, or if we need to create a wireless password or a new network name. It is very simple. Here is the quick summary:

  • Connect to the network
  • Take out your device and start any browsers that are available.
  • In the URL bar, type
  • Depending upon the device, you can either hit Enter on your keyboard or tap Go.
  • When asked enter the device’s username and password

And that’s it. Now you can modify your network settings.

What are the default login details for

We have stated at the beginning that this IP is used primarily by ZyXEL modems and routers.

The default username for modems or routers is generally “Default username” adminThe default password should not be changed Blank.

If these don’t work, try these username/password combinations

  • admin/admin
  • user/user
  • admin/password
  • user/leave blank the password field

Can’t login using This is what you should do

Is correct IP?

Let’s say you have checked the user’s manual and found out that is your router or modem default IP address. You enter the IP in the browser’s URL bar and the login window doesn’t appear. This could be because the IP is incorrect.

It is easy to verify this using the Command prompt. You can launch it by entering the following command. ipconfig. You will get some results about your network. We want to see the line that you have to say. Default gateway. This is your default IP. In case it’s different from use the new one to login to your router or modem.

Default gateway

In case you aren’t using Windows, check this guide to see how to find your default IP on Mac OS, Linux, Android or iOS.

All things must be restarted

Restart the router and modem first. Simply unplug them from power and then, after about 30-60 seconds, plug them in again. Once the led lights stop blinking, turn off your device (PC/tablet or smartphone) and restart it. Log in again.

Are you sure that the IP has been entered correctly?

It’s not unusual for someone to make a typo when entering the IP. Or they misplace the numbers: 129. They may also type letters O or l instead of numbers, instead of 192. Login failure can be caused by any of these errors. You can avoid these errors by being careful.

Have you connected your device with the network?

As stated before, only devices within the network are allowed to access the router and modem settings. Devices outside the network can’t be used for that. You must connect to the network via Wi-Fi or the network cable.

Is the password or username correct?

You have now entered your default IP. Now you will be asked for a username or password. You enter the default ones that are printed on the sticker on the router or in the user’s manual and nothing happens. This is because your ISP, or another person has changed the default login details. This can be solved by factory-resetting the router or modem and logging back in with your default login details.



NOTE:Resetting your router or modem to factory settings will reset all settings back to their default settings. This will mean that any changes made will be undeleted. Make sure to have the default login details handy. After the factory reset, you will need to set up the wireless password and network name again.

Your firewall and antivirus software should be disabled

Sometimes, the firewall or antivirus may prevent the modem login page or router from appearing. You can check if this is the case by disabling the firewall and antivirus, and then try again.

Disable antivirus

Use another browser

You can change the default IP if you have other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera installed on your device. Try these combinations:

Login from another device

Try logging in with another device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer to ensure the problem is not due to the device.

Final words

This data will assist you in learning more about the IP address Perhaps you’ve never needed to know more about it, but the usual user can only use it to access their router or modem settings. We simply did not believe that getting too technical about this IP would be useful to the ordinary user. So, we’ve gone over the basics of using the IP address to log into your router or modem. We also talked about what to do if you have issues.

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