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Is Port Forwarding Safe?

by stacy

It’s hard to explain what port forwarding is to people who have never done it before. With port forwarding, traffic from outside sources is simply sent to a local server. Its main job is to change the destination of an IP address so that services on an internal network can be used by people outside of that network.

Port forwarding requires port access, which is why it’s called so. Ports enable your devices to sort through traffic that they receive. Every action has a port. Emails are assigned specific ports and browsers.

Computers have the ability to access thousands, if not thousands, of ports. On a daily basis, you probably won’t use more than a thousand of them. You have the option to assign ports to devices or services you prefer. That is essentially what you’re doing with port forwarding.

Port forwarding lets users specify which ports have been connected to their computers and which ports could be used for traffic to other devices. You will be able to remotely access your computer by entering the port number. In most cases, port forwarding must be done via your router. Configurations for port forwarding instruct your router how to handle requests from external sources.


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Port forwarding allows you to remotely access your computer or host games for players outside your home network. In addition, it could help you run a website that’s accessible to everyone or allow file transfers from your desktop to outside sources. You can host your VPN server which will make torrenting much easier.

Port forwarding can serve many purposes as you can see. But how do I set it up? Is it safe? You’ll get all the answers and more in this article!

Configure port forwarding on your Router

As we said, you also need to set up port routing through your router. This is the first thing to do. It’s the same one you used to connect to the internet when you first bought it. In order to log in, you’ll need to use the username and password you were given. If you can’t find it, take the box it came in. Write the information on the box.

After you log in, you’ll have to look in the menu for the port forwarding options. Most likely, it will be in the Network Settings’ “Advanced” section. There, you can see the options for port forwarding. You can choose the IP address of the device you want to be your destination.

You can either pick the service you want to forward from the list or type in the port number. On this page, you’ll also find other port forwarding options, like the one that lets you forward multiple ports to the forwarding list.

add port forwarding rule on Technicolor router

Final, make sure to test everything. To do that, you’ll need a device outside your home network that’s running on the port you chose.

How safe is port forwarding?

On the one hand, port forwarding sounds unsafe to many, as you’re basically opening your computer up to people outside of your network. Port forwarding can be a common practice, and so many antivirus programs offer additional protection against external threats. These threats can also be protected by firewalls that are built into Windows versions.

You can also take steps to protect yourself from potential damage. Computers are most vulnerable so this advice is especially relevant. Port forwarding to Xbox or Playstations is, however, relatively safe.

1. Pay attention to the degree of exposure

The first rule of port forwarding is that you shouldn’t expose more than you have to. Port forwarding is a pretty useful feature, but it’s also not the most secure one. There should be as little exposure as possible.

2. Good passwords

If you have a bad password, it’s much easier for people to get into your device and do harm. You don’t want to make the same mistake as other users who had their accounts hacked because hackers guessed their passwords. For each service, it’s important to use a different password. Make them as hard to guess as you can. Key-based authentication is also a good idea.

3. It is important to update every device on your local network regularly

Antivirus software and other apps that run on outdated operating systems can slow down your device. Bugs that could make your device more vulnerable are also fixed in newer OS versions. By keeping your operating systems up to date, you’re doing more for your safety than you might think.

Why do people use a VPN for port forwarding?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can be used on top of port forwarding to add another layer of security. It can help you encrypt your internet traffic or connect the device using the IP address of the VPN’s endpoint. Not every VPN gives you this option. So, you’ll need to check first to see if port forwarding will work for the service you own.

Diagram of VPN tunnel

A VPN makes it easy to set up port forwarding. Find this action in the VPN menu and choose the ports you want to open through the VPN. You should also go to the program’s settings and turn off UPnP and NAT-PMP.

Let’s conclude

Port forwarding can make it much easier to use different services and can be very helpful. There are some risks when you forward a port. With gaming systems like Xbox and Playstation, these dangers won’t be as big. These kinds of dangers can be worse for your computers or security cameras. With our help, it will be easy for you to keep your devices safe from harm.

Port forwarding is a way to take advantage of port forwarding without having to give out your data. Up next?

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