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Jio Fiber Router Login And Basic WiFi Network Security

by stacy

Your wireless network connection is great and all your devices are connected. But what if one day you realize you can’t access your WiFi network any more. It happens that you repeatedly type your wireless password and it doesn’t work. Well, this is very likely to happen if you don’t secure your wireless network – at least at the basic level, which is more than enough to keep most “hackers” away. If you’re serious about doing it, then you should first learn the Jio Fiber router login instructions.

So, let’s start!

Short Outline

This article will explain exactly how to log in to Jio Fiber router to access router admin dashboard. The first step is to have a secure wireless network.

These are the things that will make this process easy and profitable.

What you Need:

  • Jio Fiber Router
  • Computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Wireless or wired access to the network
  • Jio Fiber router login details

Login to Jio Fiber Router: Why You Should Care?

As we said in the introduction, enough is enough. It is important to have a secure wireless network. This is because anyone can gain access to your home network, access your personal files, block access, abuse your bandwidth, and more.

It is easy to make adjustments to Jio Fiber router login details. A separate network can be set up for guests. You can filter and filter the content your children see online.

You can’t wait to login now, right? Just kidding. Let’s start.

Jio Fiber Router Login Steps

If you have everything needed – a device connected to the network, the default router IP, password and username, you are good to go. Rest is easy.

STEP 1: Connect your device to the network

This is a crucial step to take before you attempt to log into the router. Login will fail if the device is not connected to a network. Connect the device to the router directly using an Ethernet cable. Or use the WiFi password. The device will determine which option is best, but we recommend that you use a wired connection.

STEP 2 – Launch your browser

You can access the Web-based GUI to view router settings. This GUI is accessible through a browser. To access the router settings, you will need to open the browser already installed on your device.

STEP 3 – Type the Jio Fiber DefaultIP In The URL Bar

Jio Fiber routers default IP address is

Jio Fiber Router default IP address

Enter this IP into the browser’s URL bar and press Enter on the keyboard or Go on your tablet or smartphone.

STEP 4: Login to The Jio Fiber Router Login

jio fiber router login page

Enter your administrator username and password. If you haven’t changed these you should enter the following default login details:

Username: admin

Password: Jiocentrum

These are case sensitive so please pay attention.

STEP 5: Now You Can Modify Your Router Settings

If you have entered the correct IP address and login details, you will be directed to the Jio Fiber router administration page. If you haven’t logged in before you will be asked to change the admin password immediately. You will be redirected to Jio Fiber router dashboard if you have previously accessed router settings.

This will allow you to easily alter your router settings. This will allow you to restore everything from the original configuration in case you do make a mistake.

Wireless Network Security Updates

There are many other security enhancements that you can apply, each providing an additional layer of security. At this point, we will focus on the two most important security modifications that must be made immediately.

Change the Jio Fiber Administrator Password

If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to change your admin password. Please fill out the appropriate fields.

chanhe Jio fiber admin password

On the other hand, if the admin change page doesn’t appear you can find it by going to AdministrationClick on the link to open the menu, then select Users.

Click on adminAnd then Edit.

You will see a pop-up window asking you to enter or re-enter your new password.

Click the Save button. Logout, then log back in with your new administrator password.

Change the Jio Fiber WiFi Password and Name

Login to your Jio Fiber router.

Select NetworkSelect the left-hand menu, then click on Wireless.

Change WiFi name and password on Jio Fiber router

Select Profiles from horizontal menu and click on the desired network name. You will see an Edit button. Click on it.

A Wireless Profile ConfigurationA pop-up window will be displayed.

Complete the following fields.

SSID – change the network name here.

Broadcast SSID – make sure this is turned ON.

Security – Select WPA2

Authentication – Select PSK

Password to WPA – You can enter the new password here. You must make sure that it is strong

WPA Confirm Password – this field will appear when you enter the new password in the WPA Password field.

Click here Save button when you make the desired changes and don’t forget to reconnect your devices to the new network later.

You might not be logged on to the router admin dashboard if you save the changes.


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Final words

Now you are able to login to your Jio Fiber router. You can now manage your wireless network by changing different settings. You can do more, but the most important thing is that your network is now more secure. You can add additional security measures if you wish, such as guest networks, firewall settings, port forwardeding, and other options.

You should save your custom login details now to be able to access Jio Fiber router settings the next time. You really don’t want to reset your router to factory settings in case you forget the custom admin password.

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