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How Signeasy helps Verdant Frontiers boost African economies

by stacy

Unlike your typical startup investor, Verdant Frontiers has invested $77 million into the African economy since its founding in 2013, primarily through large-scale local business development. The specialist advisory teams at Verdant Frontiers assist with the development of each project’s early-stage capital, with the ultimate goal of developing poverty-fighting economic forces that employ and improve the local populace.

“We go into these communities and ask, ‘What are they capable of producing?’ ‘What could possibly happen in this community that the rest of the world is in desperate need of?’ Levi Benkert, one of the company’s co-founders, remarked In Verdant Frontiers’ portfolio are two projects that are focused on ecotourism: Verde Beef Processing (a beef producer and exporter) and Kizo Lodge (a hotel and restaurant that is concentrated on ecotourism). Both companies are based in Ethiopia, as is the case with most African countries.

Purchase orders to employee reports, receipts, and invoices, the company deals with a near-constant inflow and outflow of paperwork – and with offices around the world, Verdant Frontiers can’t rely on snail mail and couriers if they want to make a difference in the lives of 1 million Africans by the year 2025. They required a solution that would allow them to maintain fluid and professional investor connections while also connecting their various offices across the world. According to Benkert, the company choose Signeasy because “without this technology, it would be totally impossible to execute what we do.”

– Signing documents while on the move

Verdant Frontiers’ co-founders are no strangers to travel. With a headquarters in Austin, Texas, and projects in various stages of development around Africa, they are constantly on the go. According to Emily Mihailoff, who is in charge of the company’s investor relations, “Signeasy is extremely helpful to our cofounders when they are on the go.” “The beauty of the technology underlying Signeasy is that we can utilise it everywhere,” says the author.

• Turnaround times that are lightning rapid

Every company’s ambition is to be able to close sales as rapidly as possible – especially when the success of the business depends on it! “I’ve had instances where an investor was able to conclude everything in under a minute after sending the document through Signeasy,” said Mihailoff. “I’ve had instances where an investor literally was able to finalise everything in under a minute after sending the document through Signeasy.” Sealing the deal is what we call it in this business.

– Assisting in the completion of the task

When it comes to raising money to fund their projects, Verdant Frontiers relies on Signeasy to a great extent. There will be no investments if eSignatures are not used. “The documents that I’m sending out indicate subscriptions by investors, so it’s possible that $1 million will be invested in our enterprises to make a difference in Africa,” Mihailoff explained. “The type of paperwork that is coming in and going out is extremely important.”

— Conveniently eliminates the need for paper.

When businesses say goodbye to paper, they are saying yes to increased efficiency. According to Benkert, “there has been a push in recent years to become paperless since it is more convenient for a company like ours, which has offices all over the world.” As a firm, “it’s not a choice; it’s an imperative need,” says the CEO.

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