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Kyocera Scan To Email Error 1101

by stacy

kyocera scan error 1101 intermittent

Does anyone know what may be causing the following problem? – Kyocera Scan To Email Error 1101

A Kyocera Taskalfa 3500i is used to create a small peer-to-peer network. There are four machines on the network, but there is no domain. Scan to Folder is used by all four (SMB). ONE user is experiencing scan issues on a regular basis. This one user will receive a 1101 scan error code several times during the day. After a few minutes, the scan is complete. This issue has not been reported by any other users.

This problem has only been present for about a week.

The printer is unable to find and/or connect to the destination comput

  • Has the HOSTNAME or IP address for the destination been entered correctly?
  • Test with the destination’s IP address if you’re using a
  • HOSTNAME for the destination.
  • Is it possible to use a HOSTNAME for the destination and have it resolve to the right IP address?

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