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Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed

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Linksys is a brand you may have heard of if you have internet access in the U.S. It’s a data networking brand of hardware products used by many homeowners and small businesses across the country.

We are a large manufacturer of mesh Wi Fi systems, extenders and routers. it’s only logical that some issues happen from time to time. We will be discussing the most common Linksys router issues, including Linksys router slowing down, and how to fix them.

Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed

Linksys Router Problems

There’s a range of common issues as in any other router. Although these issues are easily fixed, it is important to understand why they occur. Here are some of the most common issues with Linksys routers.

  • Can’t access router setup page: In general, a router’s setup page is accessed through the address bar in the web browser. To access the setup page, we use the IP address. However, this address can be changed.

When the IP address changes, we’re unable to access the setup page. A firmware upgrade could also be a reason. Our firewall might be blocking our connection.

  • Unstable wireless connection: Your microwave may be interfering in Wi-Fi. Microwaves use the same frequencies as Wi-Fi.

Another reason is the Maximum Transmission Unit size. It’s the maximum allowed packet size of transmissions coming from the Internet. Sometimes, we have to adjust it to get the promised speed.

  • Slow speedsSlow download speeds and upload speeds are common. There could be many reasons. The IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) on our devices is one of the most common reasons.

It interferes with IPv4 (“Internet Protocol Version 4”), the internet protocol used for packet transmission. With the transition to IPv6, all data that passed through IPv4 can now be transferred to IPv6. This results in slow downloads.

Also, there’s the matter of QoS (Quality of Service) where we need to configure network traffic priority to ensure maximum speed on our router.

These issues can sometimes occur. The most annoying issue is the slow speeds. There are however a few solutions to the Linksys router’s slow speeds.

How to Increase Linksys Router Speed

Let’s discuss the steps we can take to maximize the functionality of our Linksys router. To increase speed, or at the very least restore normal velocity to the router, we must consider MTU size, bandwidth priority and QoS. Also, the IP version and a simple reboot are all important.

Linksys MTU Size

To adjust the Maximum Transmission Unit size we need to go to the router’s setup page. We need to enter the router’s IP addressEnter the address bar in your browser. By hitting Enter We now go to the login screen.

It’s best to follow these Linksys router login guidelines. After that, you can go to the Connectivity optionsClick on the Internet Settings tab. It is possible to see the Section MTUWe need to click the drop-down menu.

After we click that, we must configure it. Manual. Next, enter the recommended Linksys MTU sizes. It’s good to First, determine the MTU size. Apply The settings, Save the changes. This should normalize the speed.

Bandwidth priority

You have two options to prioritize your devices and apps when you use Linksys routers for the internet. You can use the Linksys app. We will need to connect to our smartphone’s Wi-Fi and then open the app.

Next, tap on Manage Your Wi FiPlease enter the following: Email address and passwordAnd Log in. The Dashboard Will appear, go to Priority > By device > Add a device. Next, choose the devices that you want to prioritize.

You can also use the browser app. linksyssmartwifi.comThere is also a dashboard. On the left pane there’s a section that says Smart Wi-Fi toolsSelect Media Prioritization.

Turn on Prioritization, you can Drag and dropYou want the right device High Priority. Drag it from Normal Priority into High Priority. Click on Apply and that’s it. This should handle the priority of devices.

IP version

It is easy to disable the IPv6 in order to prevent data packet compatibility translations from IPv4. This also eliminates an extra step when downloading files. You just need to go to the Start menu.

Click on Settings > Network & InternetAnd under the Advanced network settings tabClick here Options for changing adapters. Select the network you’re usually connected to. It’s using either the Wi-Fi adapter or the ethernet cable.

Right-click the image and go to Properties. A window pops up, and we can see the Networking tab and the section that says “The following items are used for this connection” with a lot of checkboxes. Find the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)And Uncheck it.

Linksys Reboot

A simple reboot can solve most hardware problems. It’s that simple. UnplugThe router wait 10 secondsConnect it again. This should eliminate any errors or bugs.

If rebooting the router doesn’t work, we can also try to reboot the modem. The same steps can be followed for the modem. Or, you can simply reboot both devices. This will stabilize your modem’s connection to the router. It should also help you maintain your speed.


The default maximum transmission unit size is frequently the reason why the Linksys router does not get its full speed. The internet protocol version or other devices broadcasting the same frequency as our Wi Fi could also be causing the router to not work at full speed.

Follow the instructions to configure your router to run at full speed.

If none of these alternatives work, contact support. We understand that calling them is always the last step, but it is occasionally beneficial to do so before trying other options. Hey, their method could be a quick repair for the Linksys router not obtaining full speed issue, restoring your router’s speed.

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