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Linksys Velop Red Light No Internet: Try These Fixes

by stacy

Linksys is a leader in mesh WiFi systems, with the Linksys VH Mesh WiFi system. While the majority of users are very satisfied with it there are some situations when it can be a bit difficult to use. The red light on the Velop router when there is no internet connection is one example. It is understandable that we must fix the problem as soon as possible, given how vital it is to stay online.

The following article will discuss the possible causes of the Velop Red Light and how you can fix it. So, let’s begin!

What does the Linksys Velop Red Light mean?

Linksys Velop red light no internet

The status of the network is indicated by the LED light on the Velop router. Knowing the meaning of each color will help us to find the right direction.

If you are unable to see the a Red light solidIt means that there is no internet connection.

If you do not see the, Red light blinkingIt means that The nodes are not within rangeIf it is visible on the primary node, Problems communicating with modem.

There are several tested solutions that you can use to fix the Linksys Velop light. Follow the instructions exactly.

How to Fix the Linksys Red Light No Internet Problem

There are many solutions for the Linksys Velop Red Light Problem. These solutions are easy to follow, so take your time and test them all until the problem is solved. Hopefully, you’ll see the blue light on the Linksys Velop router after reading this article. However, if it’s still there after you try everything, you will have to contact support to assist you in fixing the problem.

Check the Cables

The Velop router’s WAN or LAN ports should be able to hear a click as you plug in your cable. The click will indicate that the connection is loose. Even touching the cable while you clean or move the equipment, the red light may be activated. You should make sure that you have checked all cables and verified that they are connected. You can disconnect everything and reconnect it again if necessary.

Automatic WAN Port Detection

Velop Ethernet Ports

It is possible the automatic WAN port detection was disabled on the primary router after a firmware upgrade. Two Ethernet ports are available on the node. The port that is connected to the modem will become a WAN port and the port that is not connected becomes a port on the LAN. If you were to first disconnect the cables, then connect the cables to the correct ports, there would be no connection. The only thing you have to do in this situation is to disconnect the cables from the ports and then reconnect them to the other (correct) ports.

Reboot The Modem

Another way to fix the problem is to reboot the modem. It is easiest to do this by unplugging your modem from the power outlet, letting it sit for a few minutes, then plug it back in. You should check if the modem boots up.

Reset The Velop To Factory Settings

You can reset your Velop to factory settings as one last solution. This is because all WiFi devices will be removed and you will need to create a new network. You will lose your network name, password, and security type.

These steps will help you factory reset your Velop once you have this information.

If you need to factory reset a secondary Node

Velop Reset button
  • Make sure that your node is properly connected and powered.
  • Locate the reset button at bottom of node and press and hold it.
  • The top node’s light turns red and begins to blink/pulse slowly.
  • Release the button when the light changes to bright red.

Factory-resetting the primary node will require you to also reset the secondary nodes.

Reach out to your ISP

Your Velop router will indicate if your ISP is experiencing technical problems, outages, maintenance, or other issues. You can easily check by calling your ISP to see if they have any issues with the network. You can ask for confirmation and when the problem will be fixed.

They can test your line to make sure there aren’t any outages or scheduled maintenance.

Get support from Linksys Velop

Your Velop system could be having problems if your ISP confirms that the problem is not their fault. You can reach out to Velop support for help. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and will almost certainly assist you.

Last words

We hope that you are now able to fix the Linksys Velop issue. All the solutions are easy to find and can be tried one by one. As long as the problem is resolved, even getting in touch with support is possible. These solutions can be applied to any other network problems. They can usually resolve the problem in no time.

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