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Signeasy for Android reaches 500K downloads (and gets featured on Play Store across 100+ countries)

by stacy

Starting with passing the 500,000 download mark for Signeasy for Android (there’s a beautiful new badge on our Play Store page that we’re quite proud of), we’ve had a fantastic time on Play Store over the past few weeks. And then, we just raced towards another milestone in the Google Play Store: we were featured in over a hundred countries, which is a clear indication that Signeasy and electronic signatures are quickly gaining acceptance all around the world.

A screenshot of the Signeasy app on an Android device, displaying the badge for 500,000 downloads

On the way to reaching the milestone of 500 thousand, expressions of affection came from more than 150 different nations, ranging from the United States to Thailand and everywhere in between. Since we first introduced Signeasy to the Google Play Store in 2011, we have achieved significant progress, as evidenced by the fact that the app was featured on the Play Store in one hundred different countries for the month of April.

When we introduced our updated application in December of last year, which featured a slick makeover and a sophisticated fingerprint-based security feature using Nexus Imprint, we made a significant step forward. As part of the revamp, a more positive user experience was implemented for Android tablets.

And it’s not hard to see the results of that. Signeasy was highlighted on the Play Store homepage in December and then again in January. This occurred both times throughout the month of December. This most recent feature, which has been rolled out in 100 countries, together with the outpouring of user love in the form of a 4.2 rating and a half a million downloads, feels like the frosting on the cake — with the cherry on top!

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