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Mason email login to change later this semester

Students, faculty, and staff at Mason will not be able log in to Masonlive with their school-assigned NetID and password from this semester.

You have two options to access Mason email at the moment: Patriot Pass with a school-assigned NetID, password, or Masonlive which requires students to enter their full identity and Masonlive password. This password may differ from the Patriot Pass password.

“You will be required to use your Masonlive Account (your NetID@masonlive.gmu.edu email address plus your Masonlive Microsoft Password) and log in via Microsoft,” states the Masonlive website.

Students will not be able to log in to school email using Patriot Pass due to these changes. It will not change the email layout, contacts, or delete any emails. However, it will affect how some students access their email.

The website explains that Microsoft is ending support for the tools that allowed George Mason University’s Patriot Pass credentials to log in to Masonlive.

Lauren Reese (communication and planning specialist, Department of Instructional Technology) said that students who receive their email via a mobile device currently use their MASONLIVE Microsoft password.

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MASONLIVE offers many additional benefits to students that Patriot Pass didn’t, including access to Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus. According to the webpage, MASONLIVE was created to help students transition. Mason students can download and install Microsoft Office on five computers as well as five mobile devices. They can use these programs for free until they stop being a student. Mac users will have more programs available to them than PC users, but they will still be able download and use Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint and Outlook. The instructional webpage also mentions other benefits such as easier access to MASONLIVE email via mobile devices and a simpler way to reset passwords once every 180 days, according to university policy.

Students must log in via Masonlive before the change takes effect to ensure they can log in to their email. To do this, students can go to outlook.office365.com and enter their school assigned NetID@masonlive.gmu.edu, with the current password. Once the Patriot Pass option has been removed, students will be able to log into their accounts this way. If students have trouble logging in, they will need to reset their Masonlive password. This is done via the Masonlive login page.

Mason’s IT Services website states that students who forget to reset their passwords prior to the change must submit a request form. This may delay the initial login process.

Many students respond to questions about the change by stating that they use Masonlive to access their email.

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