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Spam Folders Avoidable Tips

For many reasons, spam folders may contain your email campaigns. These include the: email address, subject line, audience response, and even the content of your email message.

Your Email Address and Mail Server Domain

  • The email should be delivered quickly for maximum delivery. From: Email address and domains of mail servers should match. Example: “OIT Communications “. This can be achieved by using Gmail to send your email instead of third-party services.
  • This is especially important when you use mass email systems such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, or similar services. Third-party email campaigns systems can send your emails through their mail servers. This can result in an email From: address domain being Different from a mail server domain. Example: “OIT Communications Using MailChimp Mailer – **CIDfc564be55a79130b11e4**”
  • Boise State’s Gmail Service may notify recipients if it detects that the domain of your email address is not the same as your mail server domain (e.g. the address is from@boisestate.edu, but the mail server MailChimp Mailer), This is fine. However, it does require that your subject line and contents be written in a way that recipients believe the email message is genuine.
  • To help prevent your message from being marked as spam, ask your subscribers to add your email address in their Contacts.
  • Each campaign should use the same form: email address. Consider using a different form: email address for every campaign type if you have multiple campaigns. If you are sending an email newsletter to your department and asking for donations, one from your address could be used. This is the best practice for all email providers, but it is useful for Gmail Inbox delivery.

Create solid subject lines

Subject lines are crucial for avoiding spam filters and entice people to open your email.

  • A great subject line matches (and is relevant to) the content of an email. It is not misleading, nor is it clickbait.
  • ” 5 Tips to Attract Readers with Email Subject Lines “From the Nielsen Norman Group:
    • Include your content in the subject line.
    • Frontload the subject line using keywords and limit it down to 40 characters
    • Do not repeat the sender information in your subject line. If you get an email from OIT Communications, for example, you can see the email address. We don’t repeat this in the subject.
    • Do not use recipients’ names as subject lines. This is only for merge emails. However, the fact that an email has been received in their inbox makes it personal enough.
    • Avoid symbols and special characters.

Formulas to Create Solid Subject Lines

These formulas will help you create engaging, content-accurate subject lines using the Campaign Monitor blog.

  • Scarcity Formula – Example – “Only 48 hours left to get free shipping”
  • How to:Example: “How to Get 500 Instagram Followers Today”
  • Curiosity GAP: Example – “I only ate vegetables for a month, and this is what happened.”

What words to avoid in subject lines

  • SimplyCast.com: 100+ Common Email Spam Trigger Words & Phrases to Avoid
  • ” 188 Spam Terms to Avoid: How To Stay Out of Spam Folders” via Active Campaign
  • MailChimp: ” What Is Spam? How to Avoid Spam Filters”.

Email Body Content

  • In your email body, include an unsubscribe option.
  • Include your physical address, as well as contact information.
  • “50 Content Ideas for Email Newsletters” via Campaign Monitor website [https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/50-content-ideas-email-newsletter/].
  • Do not mix different types of content in the same message. Gmail could classify promotional content as promotional if it is included in an email that contains a financial transaction.
  • “10 Essential Elements of a Welcome Email” via the Campaign Monitor website [https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/infographics/10-essential-elements-of-a-welcome-email/].
  • For the best click-through rates, use Image-to-Text ratios
    • Limit the number of images to 3 or fewer
    • In your email message, aim for between 20-30 lines of text

Make sure your email list is clean

  • It is important to manage your email list if you want to build a strong relationship with your audience. This article ” Requirements & Best Practices for Audiences” explains how to maintain a clean email list.
  • Clean up your email list to avoid “spam traps”. You can remove subscribers who don’t open or click through your emails. Find out more about spam traps at the MailChimp site.

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