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Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

by stacy

Mediacom is a common problem with our internet connection. Mediacom seems less Xtream as an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

So, it stands to reason that we’re going to experience some trouble with our connection. But, it is important to understand the reasons for these problems, as well as what steps can be taken to resolve them.

Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Frequently – Causes

This is a very common issue that affects many people, not just Mediacom. These include issues with cable splitters and bad cable.

Bad Cables

Broken cables and corrosion-ridden cables are sure to cause problems. This is an issue if you’ve been a devoted subscriber for a long time and the cables that provide internet access to your home haven’t been maintained.

Cable Splitters

Splitter use can lead to a drop in internet speed. You should get a technician to inspect the splitters as well as the connection from split cables.

ISP Issues

Mediacom - no issues
Sometimes, our ISP can have issues on its own. Maintenance on Mediacom’s servers and scheduled downtime (extremely unusual), power outages in the server buildings, and other factors can cause our Mediacom internet connection to drop regularly.

Too Many Devices Are Connected

You might have too many people connected to the same network. This could cause problems with the speed and reliability. You might need to change your password and SSID (Service Set ID) of your wireless network.

It’s not uncommon for our home network to experience heavy traffic. Traffic jams are caused by heavy traffic. That’s why it might be good to use some kind of software to control the traffic flow on your home network.

Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Troubleshooting Steps

There are a few options that we can use to help troubleshoot or fix the problems. It is possible to inspect each cable step by step. You might try power-cycling all the devices in the network in their correct order.

Switching from a wireless network to a fixed-line connection is another option. It is possible to turn off apps and devices that drain our data and use our bandwidth. We can also update the drivers and firmware necessary to run these hardware.

There are many cables to check

There are three types of basic cables. We need to double-check that everything is in working order. The most common application for these connections is to set up a home network. These are the most frequent types of cables used to set up a home network. We can use the Ethernet cable to link our device to the router for a better connection. It’s utilized to connect the router to a modem.

The Checking the Ethernet cable is quite easy. You can simply test the other one to verify that it works. If the other cable doesn’t work, then there might be something wrong with the coaxial cable. This cable allows us to access the internet. This cable can be moved to another position to test if it does anything.

The last thing we should do is to verify the Stromkabel. If there’s a frequent interruption in the power supply of our modem, router, or gateway, it’s no wonder we experience our Mediacom internet connection dropping frequently.

Power Cycling in the Correct Order

Once we are certain that all cables are in good condition, we can power-cycle the entire network. The power cycle should start with the hardware that provides internet access, such as our modem.

Turn off all devices, wait at least 30 seconds, then turn them on one by one. It’s only logical to start with the modem and wait until it establishes all the connections. Next, turn on your router and then finally your device.

If done correctly, a powercycle can resolve many problems with many devices. There is no wrong way to do this.

Change from Wireless to Wired

It is common to experience problems with your wireless connection. Wireless connections are generally less reliable than wired connections. It is possible to switch to a wired connection using an Ethernet cable if you have problems with your Mediacom Wi-Fi.

Switch from Wireless to Wired connection

We will need to log in to Mediacom settings and restart our wireless radios. These are the steps to log in. Once you’ve logged into the modem’s settings, you need to find the wireless radio settings, turn them off, apply the settings, wait a few minutes, and then do the same thing to turn them back on.

Certain Apps and Devices can be disabled

Turning off large consumer apps is another way to reduce the stress on your home network and internet access. If you have a lot of apps that are running in the background, and they’re consuming data without you even using them, then you need to turn them off.

OneDrive on Windows or messaging apps such Telegram, Viber and Viber will do it. All these run in the background consuming bandwidth, but they also consume your laptop’s processing power and make it slower.

Latest Firmware and Drivers

We might also need to contact customer support to update our modem’s firmware. There might be a need for us to troubleshoot the adapter we’re using to connect to the internet, and this is how we need to do it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Network & Internet.
  • The address is Advanced network settings.
  • Click here Options for changing adapters.
  • Right-click on the network you’re using.
  • Choose DiagnoseThe troubleshooter will finish.
Select Diagnose

We might also need to search online for an older network card driver. These are the steps to take to do this:

  • In the SearchType of box Device Manager.
  • Select the first result to be displayed.
  • Find the Network adapters section.
  • Two adapters will be needed to be checked. Wireless Network AdapterAnd the Realtek PCIe Family Controller.
  • Both right-clicking and selecting are the same procedure Update driver.
  • Choose Auto-search for driversWait for it to end.


Things that aren’t connected to our home network can be very hard to fix. That’s why we need to figure out what the problems are first. As soon as we figure out that there is an issue in our home with the wires, we need to call support and get a technician to come and fix it.

Mediacom’s internet connection drops frequently could be due to a problem with the device, an old adapter driver, faulty modem or unreliable wireless connections. This can be fixed with a few options.

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