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10 engaging virtual sales meeting ideas

by stacy

When trying to meet their quotas, sales teams are most successful when they combine teamwork, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Because of this, holding sales kick-off meetings is an important activity that should be done in order to inspire the team, celebrate the team’s successes, establish relationships amongst team members, and build trust with the team’s sales managers.

You, as a sales manager or team leader, would know from personal experience how important it is to hold in-person sales launch meetings. These meetings help build relationships and encourage team members. People are more likely to be engaged in conversation and to form meaningful connections when they are physically present with one another.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, however, virtual sales kick-off meetings have become more commonplace. This is not only due to companies’ increasing adoption of work-from-home policies, but also to the fact that an increasing number of businesses are now hiring remotely in an effort to compete for the most qualified candidates. In light of this information, it appears that sales kick-off meetings can continue to take place virtually, regardless of the pandemic.

Do you notice that the members of your team are not as engaged as they were when they attended in-person team events?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone; “Zoom Fatigue” is affecting an increasing number of people every year. As the sales meeting gets began, there’s a chance that your team will become distracted by reading emails and tending to other responsibilities at home at the same time. They might not be as attentive or involved as they would be at an in-person event due to various factors, including the presence of distractions at home and the perception of being cut off from you and the rest of their team.

In a world where technology takes precedence, the most important question is how we can get the same degree of collaboration and activation.

In today’s article for your favourite online publication, we take a look at the creative approaches that senior sales executives use to keep their teams engaged during online sales team meetings.

10 strategies for a more motivating and productive online sales meeting

It is natural for humans, when transitioning from in-person to online meetings, to simply replicate the procedures and formats of the previous meeting format. However, that will not do at all.

The goals of digital meetings need to be updated so that they are more reasonable, there should be more calls to action for everyone who is participating, and there should be some enjoyable activities that will grab the imagination of remote attendees.

In light of this, the following are some suggestions for the planning of your important sales kickoff meeting:

1. Get the attendees comfortable.

If you want your team to be eager for the virtual sales kickoff event, you should share a preview of it in advance. In addition to the trailers, you may also submit excerpts of interviews with the speakers who would be presenting at the event, a timetable for the event, and even leave feelers about a new pay package that will be announced during the event. You should also provide goodie bags to those who will be attending the kickoff meeting. These goodie bags should contain gift cards, inflatable hammocks, and personalised technological gadgets.

2. Sprinkling in some merriment and enigma

These sales meetings frequently include events that take place in other locations. The next best thing for your team now that they are unable to experience them in the actual world is to participate in other types of team-building activities, such as a virtual escape room.

3. Spend as much money as you can on the festivities.

The award ceremonies that take place during the sales launch meetings are almost usually quite well attended. What difference does it make if everybody isn’t in the same room for the awards presentation? Make sure the actual trophies, along with perhaps a bottle of champagne, are handed to the top achievers well in advance of the awards ceremony. When the winner of the award is announced, your staff will be able to celebrate in grand fashion with their loved ones thanks to this.

4. Make the planning and training sessions more like games.

You might engage your attendees and influence their behaviour by incorporating lighthearted, friendly competition into the event and offering rewards for positive behaviour. The event will be more memorable and productive if it includes leaderboards based on daily quizzes, pitch challenges, and other activities that add energy and enhance audience interaction.

5. Schedule feedback sessions with the existing clientele

In the world of sales, what is lacking are solid case studies. In point of fact, only 21 percent of executives believe they own relevant case studies that they can share with their teams. In order to close this gap, you should consider asking your existing customers to arrange virtual sessions in which they provide candid and real-time feedback. The consumers might share their experiences, both positive and negative, regarding the existing sales process, which would be helpful in developing a more effective strategy for the upcoming quarter.

6. Make the text easier to read and digest.

When you hold meetings virtually, you have to contend with attendees that have shorter attention spans than they used to. The days-to-weeks-long kickoffs that were commonplace in the past are no longer sufficient. In today’s world, it is vital to condense the amount of information presented at the event and make it more engaging.

To begin, you may place attendees in separate rooms to participate in activities designed for groups. In addition, sprinkle the event with brief portions of speeches lasting between five and seven minutes, display a small film, hold a brief interview, and so forth. Dedicate no more than three hours per day to the programme at the most.

7. Enable networking

The opportunity to network with other people is something that a lot of salespeople look forward to at the kickoff meetings. Thankfully, many platforms for virtual events offer attendees the opportunity to engage in live and confidential dialogues with one another as well as the speakers or presenters.

8. Maintain open lines of communication in both directions.

In addition to the chat feature, you might also consider implementing regular polls and live question-and-answer sessions in order to get people talking about the sessions and offering their perspectives.

9. Digitize all event collateral

There is a large amount of paper that can be found in physical sales events. Some of this paper includes activity worksheets and feedback forms in addition to brochures, sales plans for the new quarter, event programmes, and speaker biographies. The benefit of holding virtual kickoff meetings is that all of the necessary materials may be distributed and recognised through the use of an electronic signature platform such as Signeasy. Not only does this make the documents safe to handle without the risk of contamination, but it also reduces the costs associated with prints and couriering.

10. Obtain comments on the event.

Because virtual events are still relatively novel, it might be challenging to get everything perfect from the beginning of the experience. Did the salespeople feel that the event was beneficial to them? Was it engaging? Were there any sessions that left you feeling confused or lost? After the virtual sales meeting, it is possible to seek out answers to these kinds of questions and others like them in order to improve subsequent meetings based on the feedback received from the previous ones.

Final word

If you are ready to begin preparing your next virtual sales launch, it is important that you begin planning as soon as possible and that you do not skimp on the amount of money you put in this event.

After all, your salespeople are the backbone of your firm; therefore, it is quite valuable to ensure that they are kept up to date and excited about their future in your company.

Through the use of an electronic signature solution, you can demonstrate to your sales force that you have their backs both during the online sales meeting and in the day-to-day operations of the firm.

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