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Mercusys Router Login: Access and Configure Your Router Security

by stacy

Mercusys router login steps are useful to know even if most individuals don’t bother with their wireless router settings. They will assist you in gaining access to the router’s admin panel and modifying the router settings, resulting in a far more secure wireless home network.

This post will show you how to update the wifi password and SSID on your Mercusys router by logging in (wireless networking name).

Let’s get started learning about Mercusys Routers by following our step-by-step instruction.

Log in to the Mercusys Router before you start

Logging into Mercusys router is easy and straightforward. We need to ensure we do not have any problems with login and that it works.

1. Connect your device with the network

Mercusys router login is normally done using a browser on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Only devices that are already connected to the network are allowed to login to the router admin dashboard. Devices outside the network can’t connect. It is possible to connect to the network via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection depending on what device you’re using.

2. Prepare the router IP, username, and password

If these default Mercusys router login credentials have been changed, you can login with the new ones. However, if you haven’t changed them you can login with the default login details. These are:

  • http://mwlogin.net
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Step-by–Step Mercusys Router Login

Once everything is ready, we can log in to the router step-by-step.

STEP 1 – Launch a web browser

We are using a browser to access the Mercusys page. Take the device (computer tablet, smartphone, or tablet) and open any browser installed there.

STEP 2 – Enter or mwlogin.net  in the browser’s URL bar

Now, in the browser’s URL bar type the default IP address or just type mwlogin.net. Tap Go or press Enter Key on the keyboard to open the Mercusys router log-in page. It will ask you for a username/password.

STEP 3 – Enter the Mercusys default login details

As we mentioned before, the default username is and password is both. admin.

Type these login details if they haven’t been changed before. Login with the customized login details you have created.

Use the LOGIN button.

One important thing here is that in case you have changed the username and password before and you can’t remember them now, you can reset the router to factory settings and then login with the default ones later.

STEP 4 –You are logged in

You should now be able to see the Mercusys router administrator page. You can edit all settings, such as the password and wireless network name, and set up Parental Controls and Guest networks.

Note down everything you do before you make any changes. Also, make a backup to the router settings you have currently set up so that you can access it in case of an emergency.

How to fix login problems

Sometimes, the login to Mercusys can fail for various reasons. In such cases, please review the following:

  • Is the router correctly connected?
  • Is your device connected with the network? Wireless connections are possible or wired.
  • You can check if your device has IP enabled automatically.
  • You can check if serves as your default router IP. Use http://mwlogin.net or this guide to determine.
  • Reboot the router, and then try again to log in.
  • Login from another browser/device
  • Retry enabling or disabling the network adapter.

Mercusys Router – Basic security

Change Router Login Password

Change the router admin password first. This is only one of many security measures that can increase your network’s security.

Reading recommendations:

  • Sagemcom Router Login & Basic Configuration
  • Sitecom Router Login, and Basic Setup
  • Sky Router Login. Configure your Router Security Setting

Log in to your router and then click on the “Change” button. ToolsThen click on Change your Login Password

Change the Mercusys router login password

You can now modify the default router username/password. Enter your old administrator password and then enter the new custom password. Create a new passwordAnd Change Password fields. Then click the Save button. Now, you can login to your router using the new password. It is strongly recommended that you save your new password somewhere else for future use. If you do lose your password, however, you will still be able to log in again after the router has been factory reset. After that, you can login with your default login details.

Change the wireless password and network name

Select WirelessYou can change your network name or password by going to the menu.

The default network address is often MERCUSYS_XXXX. This is why you should replace it as soon as possible. If someone has a good idea of the brand and model of your router, they can quickly find the login details to access your router configuration.

Change Mercusys SSID and wireless password

You can change the Network name in the SSID field.

For the password, choose “First” WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSKYou will then be able enter a password to your wireless network. Create a strong password that includes numbers, letters, special characters.

Under no circumstances don’t select No security.

These three simple changes can greatly increase the security of your wireless home network.

Factory Reset a Mercusys Router

It is possible to reset the router to factory settings to resolve some network issues, or to forget your login details to Mercusys router.

The Reset button is located on the back of your router. This will allow you to reset it to factory settings. Hold the button for between 5-10 seconds using a pen or a paperclip. Release the reset button when the router’s lights start blinking rapidly. Wait until the router boots back up and then log in with your default username and password.

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