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How to Access your @Mines Email

by stacy

Until you manually forward your own emails from within your MINES account, all official South Dakota Mines email will be sent to this account (firstname.lastname@mines.sdsmt.edu) – it will not be forwarded to any other accounts, so you must get into the habit of checking this account on a regular basis until you manually forward your own emails from within your Miines account. Additionally, faculty members will send class assignments to this account.

Your email address will be formatted as follows: firstname.lastname@mines.sdsmt.edu if you are a student.

To access your email, go to the following URL: mail.mines.sdsmt.edu.

Firstname should be used as the username.


For further assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 605-394-1234 or come to the lower level of the Library to speak with someone on a computer.

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