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From Mobile-Only to Mobile-Centric : Introducing Signeasy for Web

by stacy

We began in 2010 with the goal of assisting those who needed to sign documents on the go. Smartphones and tablets were the platforms on which we concentrated our efforts in order to attain this goal. However, as Signeasy has evolved over the last few years and has become a go-to tool for many businesses – ranging from independent businesses to small and medium-sized businesses to even departments within large organisations – we have realised that Signeasy is no longer just a utility on the go, but rather a productivity solution for a corporation. Signeasy was increasing staff productivity and, as a result, assisting in the achievement of larger business results.

However, despite the positive feedback we received from our clients and partners such as Apple and Dropbox for developing a straightforward, simple, easy-to-use, and innovative mobile application for eSigning, there was one item that had been bothering us for a long time.


When we asked our clients who used Signeasy from their workplaces, they consistently responded with the question “When will Signeasy be available on the Web?”

a request from a customer

We needed to determine if it was a business we wanted to get into given the number of other participants in the market. That decision could only be made by looking at data and attempting to understand why and how our clients would utilise the web version.

The following was a typical response from one of our frequent users:

It’s convenient to have your signature captured on the go, but most of the forms I work with require a lot of data to be entered afterwards, and it’s far faster to do it on a computer.” When speaking with a customer on the phone, it is impractical and time-consuming to enter numbers and dates. “Most of my documentation can be completed on the internet and then signed when I see the customer in person using the app,” says the doctor.

We discovered that, despite the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, the majority of office work is still completed on desktop computers and laptop computers. Several surveys performed in 2014 revealed that over 80 percent of individuals still use desktop computers, with more than 60 percent using laptop PCs for business purposes. Modern work trends imply that individuals work from a variety of locations and on a variety of devices, which provides employees with greater flexibility and convenience. When faced with such a challenging environment, it was difficult to ignore the growing demand from our consumers for web-based eSignature technology. It was the ideal chance to extend the reach of our eSigning system to the web, allowing our clients to use Signeasy from any location, whether at work or in their personal lives.

The Signeasy web experience is being launched today, and it will follow the same concept of user experience, convenience of use, and functionality as our successful mobile apps, which will be available in the coming months.

We encourage you to give it a try and to share your thoughts with us. It marks a new beginning for us as we transition from mobile-only platforms to user-centric platforms, which include mobile, web, and whatever screen may be introduced in the future. If you would want to share your opinions with us, you can reach out to us at hello[@]signeasy.com.

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