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most secure Email providers to use in 2021

Is your email safe from ever-growing prying eyes If you are using a secure email provider that respects your privacy, then the answer is no?

It’s not surprising that emails continue to be the most popular form of digital communication in the world, despite all the social media and IM apps.

You may not enjoy much privacy on today’s all-seeing internet. You are being pursued online by hackers, governments, and large corporations. This is unacceptable.

It doesn’t make you a criminal to worry about your email being watched. There are many reasons to be concerned about email privacy.

Protecting your email communications ensures that your personal information is never misused.

You can now get a secure email provider to protect all your email activities.

If you want to keep your emails and conversations private, then you have come to the right place. This article lists 15 trusted email service providers that offer the best email security.

Top 5 secure email providers – quick list

Here are five top options for those who need to sign up quickly for secure email services.

  1. ProtonMail is an open-source, encrypted, freemium platform that uses zero-knowledge and zeroes access technology.
  2. Tutanota is a top-quality encryption standard with an intuitive interface. However, it lacks inclusive search capabilities.
  3. Mailfence is an end-to-end encrypted email provider that supports encrypted emails to non-PGP recipients.
  4. CounterMail- Encrypts emails stored on temporary servers; provide additional protection via a USB key. Only available as a paid service
  5. Hushmail is an easy-to-use encrypted email system with a premium model. It also comes with a free trial. This service supports both personal and business use.

Consider these factors before you sign up for a secure email provider

There are many options for secure email providers today, which makes it difficult to choose the right service.

You may be searching for the best security or strong encryption. Others may prefer simplicity and convenience.

These are the factors that will help you choose the best secure email service.

  • Email encryption – Make sure that your emails are encrypted from end-to-end, and include attachments, before switching to another provider.
  • Jurisdiction You need to be aware of its location, and where your data is stored. These factors directly impact user privacy.
  • Privacy and Security – Be sure to know the provider’s security standards and policies concerning your data. This includes whether it logs your data and why it does so, as well as how long and how it keeps it.
  • Features – Check for essential features like contacts, inbox search, and calendars. Secure email providers should support collaboration tools and DAV services.
  • PGP – Some services support PGP. However, some don’t because of the vulnerabilities. It is strongly recommended that use a PGP-supported secure mail provider.
  • Key Feature: Check if you can Import existing contacts and emails. This essential security feature is not to be compromised. It is a great win if you can get both email security and essential features with one provider.
  • Email Applications – Most email services won’t work with third-party email clients. This is due to encryption. Some offer specific apps, but others do not.

In 2021, 15 of the most secure email services for privacy

Now you are aware of the factors to consider before choosing any secure email provider. It will take you a long time to analyze all the available email services based on these parameters.

These are the top email providers that you can trust.

This list includes both paid and free providers. To protect your email privacy, you can choose any of these 15 top email services.

1. Protonmail

ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider that is based in Switzerland, is. It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile apps. It is an open-source program that includes end-to-end encryption.

After Snowden’s revelations, ProtonMail was introduced to the market. It is one of the most trusted email providers.

USA media even promoted the service ( Forbes to put it another way) as “An Only Email System That The NSA Can’t Access.”

They are proud to boast data centers that are located in less than 1000m of granite rock. These data centers can withstand a nuclear attack.

This secure email service is designed using the principle of zero-knowledge, zero access. This means that even email servers and staff cannot view or share your messages.

The ProtonMail Free version supports 500MB email storage and allows you to send 150 messages per day. This is certainly sufficient for individuals.

You can purchase the Plus service to get more space, email addresses, priority support, tags, and custom filtering options.

The Plus plan also includes the ability to set up automatic responses and send more emails every day, as well as built-in VPN protection. You can also choose from Professional and Visionary plans.

Significant Features:

  • 500MB storage free of charge and 150 emails per day
  • Your domain is yours
  • Two-step verification
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Both free and paid options
  • Self-destruct messaging functionality
  • Mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  • Servers based in Switzerland offer excellent privacy protection
  • Construction with zero access


  • The premium version is slightly more expensive
  • Limited cloud storage space

2. Tutanota

Tutanota, a secure email service located in Germany, values privacy and respects its users.

Their service is designed to provide the highest level of email security but it’s still easy to use and offers quality features.

Comparing Tutanota and Protonmail shows that both have similar design features and security levels.

Tutanota uses AES/RSA encryption standards. Tutanota emails are encrypted from sender to receiver (the recipient of the email) and then decrypted on the device. The private encryption key is therefore not available to anyone.

To send secure emails to other Tutanota users, all you need is an email account.

You can specify a password to allow recipients to view encrypted emails outside of the system. They can also respond securely using the same interface.

The Tutanota interface is simple to use and navigate. It allows you to make your email private or public with one click.

It is not possible to search for emails that have been sent before.

Learn more about it by reviewing our Tutanota guide.

Important features

  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Verification is done by phone only.
  • Automated encryption of all mailboxes and addresses.
  • Included 1 GB storage space
  • Opensource.
  • The subject line, headers, and body as well as metadata are encrypted automatically; the IP address gets deleted.
  • Support for spam filtering


  • Only paid accounts have access to features such as aliases or messaging rules.
  • IMAP is not supported.
  • Users can’t import contacts in bulk.

3. Mailfence

Mailfence is a security-focused mail provider. It is located in Belgium. It offers encryption at every stage of the process to protect your emails from prying eyes, just like other providers in this article.

It’s a great private email provider that offers 500MB file storage and additional features.

This private email service offers more than just standard features. It also has an embedded Keystore that helps you manage your OpenPGP encryption keys. It also allows you to send encrypted messages to people who don’t use PGP.

Paid accounts provide more storage and the possibility to use your domain name for email.

Mailfence software cannot be inspected because it’s not open source. This could compromise the confidentiality and security of the system for some users.

Mailfence keeps the users’ private encryption keys on its servers. They claim they can’t read it because it is encrypted using users’ passphrases. (via AES256).

Researchers found that they could not decrypt encrypted messages without a root key. Mailfence is the most trusted email service according to a large number of online users.

Important features

  • Digital signatures in email prove authorship.
  • Supports two-factor authentication.
  • Also includes a spam filter.
  • Outlook contacts can be imported from a CSV file or Gmail.
  • It includes a calendar as well as storage for documents.


  • Online storage is limited to 500MB
  • To receive the activation keys, you will need another email address.
  • Mailfence servers keep private keys.
  • Only Mailfence and OpenPGP users can receive encrypted emails.
  • The source code is not available for inspection.

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