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My Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting (5 Ways To Fix It)

by stacy

Are your online activities being disrupted by the Arris modem restarting? There’s no need to panic! We’re here to help! Here are the top five reasons your modem won’t work and the best ways to fix it.

Why your Arris Modem keeps rebooting

1. The Modem is not placed correctly

Arris modems can be affected by many factors, including interference from wireless signals. That is why it’s important that you find a good place for your device and that you remove any signal disruptions around it.

You should first make sure that the modem is not placed too close or on top of walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Corners are also included in this list. All of these things, especially when they’re concrete, can make wireless signals bounce around, which will make them weaker by the time they get to you. Therefore, you should find some kind of stand for your modem that won’t be too close to the floor or walls, or corners.

In addition, you should think about the modem’s surroundings. Wi-Fi signal can also be affected by large pieces of furniture, heavy appliances, and crowded spaces.

That is why you’ll need to keep the space between you and the modem as decluttered as possible. You should do the same for cabinets. Any additional material between your modem, and your device, will cause signal disruptions.

Your internet connection will be affected by smart devices and microwaves. Any kind of device that uses Bluetooth should be turned off when you’re not using it.

Bluetooth uses the same frequency at 2.4GHz as wireless modems. Therefore, it’s wise to keep the feature turned off when you don’t need it. If you don’t have the option, you can switch the Arris modem over to the 5 GHz band.

2. Cables are loose or damaged

Another reason your Arris modem keeps rebooting is due to its inability to ensure an established connection, which can happen if a cable comes loose or it’s damaged. Wireless signal problems will be caused by old and damaged cables. Thus, you should frequently examine their state and change any cord that’s not in good shape.

What’s more, you’ll need to verify whether all of the cables are securely plugged in and in the correct port. Over time, the coax cable can unplug from the power outlet. Double-check that the coax cable is still in good condition. Furthermore, it’s always best to use shorter cables as they provide a stronger connection.

3. Your Arris Modem Software runs on an outdated software version

The performance of your modem could be affected if it runs on an older version of software. You could also find it more susceptible to outside threats which could further slow down its performance.

Check- Firmware version

The Arris modem is able to automatically update to the most recent firmware version. However, that might not always be the case, especially if it’s been disconnected from the internet for a while. These updates may need to be manually installed by going into your configuration settings.

You will need to enter the following information to do this: In the search bar. Next, enter your credentials. In case you didn’t change your username and password when you first configured your device, they will be set to default. So, your username is admin,And your password is Password.

After you have successfully logged in, you can go to the Advanced section. Find the section. Firmware VersionYou can check the section to verify if there is a newer version. You can download the latest version from the Arris website. You can access the site by going to Support Locate your modem model. You can then download and install the updated version on your computer.

You can then return to the configuration site to open the file. Administration Page section. Click Next Upload Choose the file you downloaded. As soon as the file uploads, your modem’s lights will start flashing, indicating that it’s being updated. Once that’s over, you can restart the modem and try using it.

4. There is a temporary problem with the device

There are many reasons your modem might malfunction. Resetting your device can solve most problems. Next, unplug your modem from the power supply. It is best to let the modem cool down for a while before you plug it back in. It’s best to wait for an extra minute or two after plugging the modem back before you use it.

5. The Modem’s Settings are Creating Problems

If you’ve poked around your modem’s settings at some point, you might have set something up improperly. You might also have another issue that caused your modem to stop working. No matter what the actual issue is, you’ll probably fix it quickly by performing a factory reset on the device.

You should keep in mind that this action will revert the modem back to its default settings, which means that you’ll have to connect every device to the Wi-Fi network once again. What’s more, any kind of settings you enforced when you first started using it will be lost. Thus, you’ll have to set it up all over again.

Although this isn’t the best method, it will help you get rid of any bad settings that could be causing problems.

There are two options to reset your Arris modem: either using the power button or the Arris app.

Going on the Arris App route

Arris app

If you don’t have the Arris app, you can go to the official Arris website and install it. Log in to your account, then search for the app. Settings menu. Once you do that, you’ll see either see the Utility Or the Security option. You’ll then be able to select Factory Reset.

It’s best to give the modem five to ten minutes to reset properly. Next, connect the Ethernet cables to the modem. The other end should be connected to your computer. Your modem will now have an internet connection, and you’ll be able to visit the configuration page to set up your device.

Reset your Modem with the Reset Button

Reset button on Arris modem

The back of most modems has a reset button. To press the button, you will need a pen and a pin. Push the reset hole for 10 to 15 seconds after inserting an object.

When the reset process begins, the router lights should flash to inform you. The device will then reset itself in five to ten minutes. After that, you should connect the modem to your computer using the Ethernet cable and go to the modem’s configuration page to reconfigure it.

In conclusion

These five tips should have helped your Arris modem stop rebooting. If they didn’t, it might be best to contact Arris customer support and report your issue.

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