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My Internet Keeps Disconnecting Every Few Minutes (Possible Solutions)

by stacy

The internet seems to be powering everything we do nowadays, and the pandemic aids in its acceleration. Imagine what would happen if your internet connection is lost. We have experts to help you. To reconnect to the rest of the world, you have several options. This post will address the question of why my internet keeps disconnecting every few minutes and offer some remedies.

Let’s get to the bottom of why your internet keeps disconnecting and how to fix the problem. It’s critical that you comprehend the causes of the issues so that you can respond appropriately if they occur again.

Low network speed

Sometimes you may not be able to get good coverage in certain areas. In these cases, slow internet speeds are necessary. You might also experience slow speeds even though you have great coverage. Sometimes the network becomes congested when too many people are connected in the same area.

Slow internet speeds can cause your internet to drop more frequently. In many cases, you can’t avoid low network coverage. Sometimes, however, it is possible to switch internet providers. You can compare different providers until you find one that suits your needs the best.

Modems Incompatible

The quality of your internet signal can be greatly affected by a good modem. A bad modem, or a modem not compatible with your Internet Service Provider will impact the quality of your internet connection. This can lead to frequent disconnections. You can quickly fix this problem by looking for a faster modem and checking that it is compatible with your ISP.

Low-Quality and Outdated Router

There are many affordable routers that can provide fast internet access. It takes a bit of research to find the best router. You may experience slower internet speeds and lose signal more often if you use a low-quality router. Even a high-speed router requires regular software and firmware updates in order to run smoothly. Sometimes the firmware requires a subscription with a small fee in order to get automatic updates, but it’s well worth it.

Software Bugs

You might experience frequent disconnections if your router and modem are used for long periods of time. If this happens, unplug your router or modem and turn the power back on after a few seconds. You can repair any software issues and get your internet back to normal by restarting devices in this manner.

Hardware that isn’t working properly

Hardware used to transmit internet signals can have faults that cause interruptions in service. This applies to modems, routers switches, cables, and other hardware that transmits internet signal. The equipment and cord can overheat if they are used for long periods of time. You can try placing them in a cool, ventilated area.

Refer to the ISP

If none of the self-checking methods help you detect the problem, it might be worth contacting your Internet Service Provider. To detect issues between your ISP and your home network, you can contact the technical support or customer service team of the ISP. The tech support will be able to identify the problem by running data analysis from modem activity.


Digitalization is a major part of our daily lives in the IoT age. Many internet users don’t know anything about electronic devices. Users often panic and ask “Why my internet keeps disconnecting every few seconds”

It’s easier to fix your internet disconnecting frequently if you don’t know the cause. While our list does not cover all possible causes, it will help you identify the most common. If you follow our tips, there is a minimum of 90% chance that you will be able to identify the problem and solve it yourself.

Before calling your ISP customer service, you should inspect all aspects of the network. It could be a simple issue such as a broken switch or loose cable. If the problem persists despite trying all angles, it is time to contact your ISP. However, make sure that you don’t have any outstanding bills.

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