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My Phone is Connected to Wi-Fi But No Internet – Android

by stacy

One of the most common issues we often face with Wi-Fi is when our Android phone is connected to Wi-Fi but there’s no internet. We try several times to connect to the wireless network, but still get no response.

It’s an issue that happens on other devices as well. They are not limited to Android phones. That’s why this article speaks about the reasons our phone is connected to Wi-Fi but there’s no internet, and ways to fix the issue.

Android Phone Connected to Wi Fi but No Internet Reasons

There can be many reasons we’re connected to Wi-Fi but we get no internet. So, we’re going to discuss only the most common ones regarding gaining internet access on a public Wi-Fi hotspot, the importance of clearing out the cache, and weak Wi-Fi signals.

Login page for public Wi-Fi hotspots

We often think that we can instantly connect to an open hotspot without a security key and get free internet access. We often forget to log into our accounts to gain internet access. That’s usually the main reason we’re not getting internet on a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Important role of cache memory

Cache data doesn’t have an important role but clearing it does. This data is temporary. It’s bits of data that are temporarily stored to improve functionality. You can see the pages even if you disconnect your internet connection.

You can even close your browser and open it again immediately, and you’d probably be able to see the page as it was when you closed it. It makes it easier to navigate the internet. It is possible to close a page and then visit it again. Because cache data makes it faster, it takes less time to open the page the second time.

Clearing cache data results in faster navigation and functionality as you’re freeing up your RAM (Random Access Memory), and you’re letting your device “breathe” so to speak.

Weak Wi-Fi signal

Sometimes, we can be connected to the wireless network, but we can’t access any website because we don’t have internet access because of a weak Wi-Fi signal. We need to find a better place to connect.

Android Phone Connected To Wi-Fi, But No Internet Fixes

We can fix this problem easily by using a variety of solutions on our phone or the router. First, verify the connection to confirm that the date and time settings are correct. Next, clear the cache memory and then experiment with the settings on the router and Android.

Verify your connection

It is important to check if the internet connection exists. Maybe internet access doesn’t even reach the wireless router. It is possible that there is an interruption in the Ethernet cable between the router and modem.

It is possible to test this by connecting another device directly to the internet. Or, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect a laptop directly to the modem to see if there’s the internet. If there’s no internet access, you might need to make a call to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Time and date settings fixed

The Android operating system might be affected by bugs in time and date settings. So, getting this in order can resolve the issue when we’re connected to Wi-Fi but have no internet.

You need to make sure the clock is automatically updated. Click on the ClockTap on the menu icon to open the menuThree vertical dotsTo enter Settings. Once you’ve entered Settings, tap on Time and date changes.

If they are off, there are two options we can switch on. Tap on Automatic date & timeTo access the network-provided times, tap on Automatic time zoneTo use the network-provided hour zone, This should solve the Wi-Fi problem.

Automatic date and time

Don’t forget the network

This falls in league with clearing the cache memory, that’s why we should look at the steps to do that too. To clear your Android phone’s cache data:

  1. You can open the Settings Go to the app Storage.
  2. After opening Storage, tap Internal storage and swipe up to see it. Cached data.
  3. Tap on Cached data to tap OK Clear the data.

You can also forget about the network and log in again with the same credentials. Simply go to Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi, select the network you’re connected to, and tap on Do not forget.

forget network

Reset Android factory

A factory reset can be used to resolve the problem of no internet access when your phone is connected to the wireless network. We need to visit Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset deviceFollow the prompts.

Once the device is restored to factory settings, you can connect to your Wi-Fi to check if it is fixed.

Router factory reset

If the Android device factory reset doesn’t work, we should try resetting the router’s settings. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is to locate the Click the Reset buttonOn the router and use a Paperclip To push it and do an factory reset.

Accessing the other way is also possible. router’s web interface to do a factory reset. This is done by typing in the router’s IP address, e.g. the address line of our browser. After we log in, you can access the Restore Click the button.

Smart data

Based on the strength of the connection, the smart data feature can choose between connecting to a wireless network and consuming data. The issue could be caused by having this feature on. Here’s what we need to do:

  1. We must open Settings Use our Android phone to tap on Connectivity.
  2. There are many types of connection that we can choose from. Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap the Three vertical dotsTap in the upper-right corner. Advanced.
  4. Finally, let’s tap on Mobile data is now availableTurn the feature off.

Once you’ve completed the step, try connecting to the wireless network again, and you might have internet access at that point.


Now we know common reasons our Android phone is connected to Wi-Fi but there’s no internet access. The most common solutions to the problem are also listed. It’s best to regularly clear cached data to improve the phone’s functionality.

To ensure that the wireless network works properly, you could also attempt a factory reset for both the router as well as the Android device. If none of these works, it may be time to upgrade your router or buy a better phone.

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