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Netgear Extender Red Light: How to Fix It?

by stacy

netgear extender lights
If your Netgear WiFi range extender is showing a red light, it’s time to get help. This article will discuss what the Netgear red light means, and what you can do about it.

The Netgear WiFi range extender is a better option than mesh systems and can increase your wireless network’s range. The Netgear WiFi range extender boosts the wireless signal from a WiFi router to make it stronger. Like other networking devices, it may experience occasional issues. In this case it’s the Netgear Extender red light.

What does Netgear Extender red light mean?

No matter what your level of experience, you can see a Solid red light on the ROUTER or DEVICE LED light, the meaning is the same in both cases – poor connection. We really want to see a solid green signal that indicates that the connection works well at the moment.

There may be many reasons why your connection is slow. The router and extender may be too far apart, interference from other devices or there might be a service interruption in your area. You can fix the Netgear extender problem by following simple steps.

So, let’s fix it then!

How to fix the Netgear Extender red light issue?

Now when we know what the red light indicates, let’s start with the most obvious solutions.

Reduce Distance Between Devices

An unreliable connection is a sign that the signal quality is poor. This is a sign that either the router or extender is too far away from one another, or that there is something blocking the signal.

This can be fixed by moving the extender closer towards the router until it shows a solid green light. This is a good sign that the connection has been established.

Signal Interference

If your extender is within range of the wireless router but still shows the red light, there may be signal interference. This is easily fixed by changing the channel the router uses to be less crowded. You can use a network scanner to find the most crowded channel. Since it’s best for both the router and the extender to use the same channel, the change of the router WiFi channel to a less crowded one will reflect to the extender as well.

You might try disabling the 5GHz Network

Even though the 5GHz network has a faster speed, it still has a shorter range than the 2.4GHz. To test if it fixes the red light issue, the router will be turned off for the 5GHz network.

  • Register to your Netgear router.
  • Choose the AdvancedAnd then, Advanced Setup menu.
  • Now, click here Wireless Settings. Uncheck “Enable Wireless Router Radio”For the 5GHZ network.
  • Click here ApplyTo save the settings.

If the extender light remains solid red, then proceed to the next step.

Reset the Netgear extender to factory settings

netgear extender reset button

It is easy to reset the Netgear extender, but it is important to understand that any settings you may have modified earlier will be lost after the factory reset.

  1. Locate the factory reset button on the bottom of your extender to do this.
  2. Use a paperclip, pen, or similar object to press the button for 5 seconds.
  3. If you see an amber light at the end of the extender, press the button to release it. The extender will then reboot.
  4. Wait for it to start up again, and then the extender can be reset to its default settings.

Connect the extender once more to the router. Hopefully, you will see a solid red light instead of the flashing red.

Get in touch with us

Contacting their support can help you determine if your ISP has problems causing the weak signal. It is easy to find out if they are having problems with their network at the moment or if they are working on it. You can also tell them about your problem and ask for their assistance.

You can also contact Netgear support to describe the problem. You can save time by mentioning what you’ve tried before. Hopefully either Netgear support or your ISP will be able to help you find a solution and resolve the Netgear extender red lights issue.

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