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How To Write a Networking Email Subject Line: Steps and Examples

by stacy

When it comes to being a successful professional, networking is an essential component, and the more you network, the more opportunities you’ll become aware of in your field of expertise. Making connections can help you advance your career in a variety of ways, from networking events to open positions. Whenever you’re writing a networking email, it’s critical to make sure the subject line is both attractive and effective. In this article, we will discuss what a networking email subject line is, how to write a successful one and several examples of successful networking email subject lines that you can use right away to increase your network.

What is a networking email subject line?

An email subject line is the first thing a networking prospect sees when they open an email that you have sent them. Email is delivered to the recipient’s inbox when it is sent to him or her from your computer. It is the subject line that the recipient sees before they open your email and read the body of the message inside. Consequently, your email subject line must be both catchy and informative to capture the recipient’s attention and encourage them to open the email.

Without a compelling and eye-catching subject line, the recipient is more likely to ignore the email or, worse, delete it without even opening it. In general, the more appealing your email subject line, the more likely it is that the recipient will not only open your email but also read and respond to it.

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Why are networking email subject lines important?

The subject line of an email is similar to the title of a book, blog post, or article heading in that it captures the reader’s attention and draws them in to read the email in its entirety. In the absence of a compelling subject line, there is a possibility that the recipient will delete or disregard your networking email.

Other reasons why the subject line you choose for your networking email is important to include the following:

To prevent the message from being sent to spam by the recipient
The purpose of an email is to convey information about the subject matter of the message. It is also intended to inform the recipient of what to expect when the email is opened.
To inform the recipient of the sender’s identity,
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How to write an effective networking email subject line

When writing a networking email subject line, the following are the most important steps you should take to ensure that it is effective and entices the recipient to open and read your email:

1. Make it personal

Incorporating a personal touch into your subject line allows the recipient to quickly recognize that the email is not spam and that it is coming from someone they are familiar with or have at the very least had some previous contact with. A few examples of how to personalize your subject line include including the recipient’s first and last name as well as their job title. You can also include mutual interests, events you’ve both attended, topics the recipient is interested in, where you met the recipient if that is relevant, and/or a networking event the recipient has attended or will attend.

2. Keep it brief

Because of the length of your subject line, it may be cut off, which means the recipient will not be able to read the subject line in full. This is especially true if they are accessing their email on their mobile phone or tablet. Because smartphones typically display subject line space that is significantly less than that of computers, try to keep your subject line to 40 characters or less to ensure that the reader can see the entire subject line. In most cases, this is three to four words or less.

3. Make your subject line catchy

Generic subject lines are more likely to be overlooked than subject lines that are catchy or more urgent. Use a catchier subject line to capture the attention of the reader and entice them to open and read your email, rather than a straightforward one to convey the same message. The importance of this is magnified if you have never met the person before and wish to establish a new connection with them. Because your email address is likely to be unfamiliar to them, it is critical that your subject line captures their attention and entices them to open your email.

4. Keep your subject line clear and to the point

The ability to be creative and catchy are certainly important factors to consider when crafting a subject line, but clarity is even more critical. Make certain that your subject line is clear and concise so that the recipient understands what the email is about right away. The practice of condensing the purpose of an email into a few short words will be necessary because it can be difficult to do so.

5. Avoid using spam-like language

If you use sales-like or aggressive language in your email, readers may be discouraged and your message may end up in their spam folder rather than being opened and read. If possible, refrain from using all capital letters, multiple exclamation points, or misspelt words, as well as other types of language that may come across as spam.

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