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Signeasy’s NewsWatch feature: We were on national television!

by stacy

You might have seen us on AMC’s NewsWatch programme this morning. In an episode of the popular business, media, and technology show, Signeasy was featured as a top productivity software for freelancers and professionals alike, with our mobile capabilities being highlighted as an outstanding feature.

In case you missed it, the show aired as a live broadcast on the AMC Network, reaching 95 million households in the United States. We couldn’t be more proud to be walking among the greats – even if it was just for a brief 60 seconds – because AMC is the home of blockbuster television shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men.

Our eSignature programme was commended by NewsWatch as a solution that streamlines paperwork processing for people who are constantly on the go, especially when deadlines are tight. Read the whole article here. For example, if someone is about to board a flight but wants to finish signing and submitting an NDA before takeoff, they can do so from the comfort of their airport seat using digital signatures and transmission.

A recent interesting item that we’re really pleased of was covered in NewsWatch’s TV feature: Signeasy is now pre-installed on all of Apple’s in-store demo devices, significantly enhancing our visibility. Approximately 500 million visitors are expected to visit the tech giant’s retail sites each year, resulting in a lot of swipes and signings down—not to mention a lot of eyes on the Signeasy mobile application.

Furthermore, our segment will be included in NewsWatch’s carousel of “most recently shown” programmes. With this wonderful television feature, we are overjoyed, and we are even more happy with the prospect of Signeasy’s message rebounding from coast to coast.

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