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No DSL Light on Centurylink Modem: Meaning and What to do?

by stacy

CenturyLink customers look for the DSL lights on their modems in order to determine if they’re connected to the internet. This is a good rule of thumb but it’s not always correct. DSL light on your modem indicates that you have power and an activated connection. It does not necessarily mean that you have internet access.

In some cases, however, we may notice that the CenturyLink modem does not have a DSL light. Let’s see what it means and if there is something we can do about it.

Depending on the CenturyLink modem that you’re currently using, there may be different interpretations for no DSL lights on your modem.

If you use a Tower modemThe DSL light is currently on. OFF In case the DSL light has trouble finding a connection to the network, Even if you notice the DSL light going off after the power light turns green, it shouldn’t last more than a minute. If it stays on for more than that, it is an indication that something is wrong.

If you use a Modems for C4000A DSL port is usually not visible if there is no DSL light.

No DSL Light on Centurylink Modem

We now know what the no DSL lights on our modem mean and can take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. The following steps can be done by anyone with basic tech skills.

Make sure you check the cables

Network problems are often caused by loose cables. There are many common situations that can cause your network cables get loosen or disconnected. We should inspect these first.

DSL lights will not turn on if there is a loose or disconnected cable. You need to make sure that the green cable is securely and properly connected to the appropriate port. You should also check the DSL port. You should also check that the other end is connected securely to the wall jack.

Reboot your modem

You can also reset the modem to fix the problem quickly.

There are three ways to restart the modem: manually, online via the Troubleshooter service or with an app on your smartphone. However, we prefer the manual method and highly recommend it.

These steps will guide you through a manual reboot:

  1. Unplug your modem power cable, from either the wall or back.
  2. Make sure that the modem’s lights are on.
  3. You can wait for up to 60 seconds, or just a few more seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cable to either the modem, or the wall outlet.
  5. Wait for the light to turn green.

Most cases, the DSL light will be on on your CenturyLink modem now.

Is your modem properly configured?

Sometimes, your modem setup might not be working properly. This video will show you how to install the modem yourself. You may be able to see if there are any issues with your modem setup. We are certain that you will find the problem quickly if you pay attention to all details.

We recommend that you move on to the next step if the DSL light remains on.

Is your account activated?

You can expect the DSL light OFF if your subscription hasn’t been activated yet. This should resolve itself within 24 hours.

A defective phone jack

The problem can also be caused by a faulty phone jack. If there is an active internet connection at your home, you can connect the modem to the other phone jack and check if the problem persists. If the DSL light comes on, it is likely that your phone jack is defective.

In case the steps given above haven’t helped you fix the problem, feel free to contact CenturyLink to reach a live tech support agent. You can also look at their FAQs to find answers to your most common questions or use their online chat to get immediate assistance.

In case they can’t fix the problem remotely, they can send someone to check and fix the problem. We hope this article helps you resolve the problem with no DSL light. However, it is still possible to contact tech support.

Last words

We hope you found this article helpful in diagnosing the CenturyLink modem’s no DSL Light problem. There is nothing to be worried about if you experience another problem like a red DSL signal. We can help.

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