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No Google Voice Numbers Available

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No Google Voice Numbers Are Available: How To Fix?

Anyone who has used online services would be familiar with Google Voices. It’s the internet-based phone system that has been extremely useful for those who require top-notch calling services. It’s a first-come first-served basis which is why many people complain about the inaccessibility of Google Voice numbers. Let’s look at how we can fix this problem!

No Google Voice Numbers Are Available

Supply Of Numbers

It’s important to mention that Google has partnered up with other companies in order to provide access to the numbers. Google is also well-known, so the numbers are limited at certain locations. Let’s take a look at the solution!


We recommend that you keep trying again and again. In some cases, users give up their numbers which makes them available to you. You should keep trying again to see if the number is available. We recommend that you expand your search area to increase the number of available numbers.

Area codes

This option is useful for those who live in an area with a large area code overlay. We recommend that you search every area code possible for this purpose. This is because an overlay of the area code will allow you to access the numbers eventually.


If you have trouble accessing your Google Voice Number, you can port your phone number. You can also port the number using your mobile phone. Port availability is dependent on the screening process. The porting document will determine the screening process.

Time Matters

We suggest changing the time you apply for the Google Voice Number for those who don’t want or need to be tech-savvy. It is recommended that you check the Google voice numbers at night. It is best to try your luck in the evening as voice numbers are available only at night.

Signing up

To access the Google Voice Number, one must have a Google Account. To use the voice services, you will need to create a Google Account. After you have created a Google account, search voice.google.com and enter the area code to find the available area codes. Because it creates the area codes list automatically, we recommend that you switch on the location feature on your smartphone.

Users can select the area code and it will display the numbers available. After selecting the number, click on the select option to verify the Google Voice number with the actual number. To proceed, click the verify button. After you click on the verify button, the six-digit code will be sent to you. This code can be used as verification. The screen will display the Google voice number after you have added the verification code.

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