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No Internet After Resetting Modem

by stacy

It can be very frustrating to find a problem when someone tells you that a reset will fix almost everything. Imagine having no internet after you reset your modem. This happened many times and is why this post exists.

You might still not have internet access after a reset. This article will explain why your modem doesn’t work after you reset it. It also explains how to fix it and how to properly set it up.

There is still no internet after modem reset

Your modem is not connecting could be due to a malfunctioning modem or bad configuration. It could be an issue with your device. Perhaps your network card isn’t working.

It is possible that the network adapter configuration is incorrect. If you have one, check if the Ethernet cable is damaged. It could also be related to your ISP. This means that there is no internet at this time.

If you have a brand-new modem and know there is internet in your area because neighbors are using the same provider, let’s talk about how to fix ” no Internet Access.”

How do I fix no internet access?

We are fortunate that the “no internet after setting up modem” problem has been encountered many times. There are several ways to fix it. The automatic troubleshooter can be used to check for a firmware upgrade, renew the IP address, block the MAC address or reset the TCP/IP.

Windows Troubleshooting

If you see a connection in your bottom right corner but it doesn’t say “no internet access” when you hover your mouse over it, then you can open the automatic troubleshooter.

Right-click to open the connection and choose Troubleshoot Issues. This will check for problems with your laptop’s internet adapter. It will reset the adapter and likely fix the problem with internet access.

The problem is usually with the wireless adapter/access point. This can be fixed by having the troubleshooter reset everything and test it to make sure it works properly. It’s important to also check the firmware on the modem.

Firmware Update

The firmware update could be both the cause and the solution. Some modems may need to be reset in order for the firmware update to work. This is the most frequent tech problem. It is possible that the firmware needs to be reinstalled.

You can manually install the update by connecting to your modem using an Ethernet cable. You can then download the latest firmware version using another connection. It is usually located in the section Update Firmware or Software Upgrade.

There will be a section that reads “Firmware Path“, or something similar depending upon the modem model. Click Browse… to locate the file, then click OK. This should resolve the firmware issue.

Renew your IP address

If the problem is related to the device being used, this is another option. If you are using a Windows laptop go to the Command prompt. Click on the Search Box, type ” Run“, and hit Enter.

The Command Prompt window appears in black. Next, type into the command prompt window. Your laptop will renew your IP address by hitting Enter.

You will need to click the Apple menu if you are using a Mac. Next, you can go to your System preferences and choose Network. The network services are listed in the left pane. Select the IP address that you wish to renew.

Click on Advanced to find TCP/IP. Then click on To renew DHCP lease. This should resolve the problem of no internet access.

Blocking of MAC addresses

Although this is rare, it can happen occasionally. However, the modem may prevent your MAC address access to internet. Your MAC address could be blocked by someone on the modem. It could be a relative or a friend.

This issue is easy to fix. You simply need to visit the settings page and disable MAC filtering. If that doesn’t solve the problem and you still have no internet access, another reset may be necessary.

TCP/IP reset

Multiple issues can be fixed by resetting your internet protocol. It can help with malware issues.

This is why it may fix the problem. You can search for command prompt, right-click the first result, and then select Run administrator. Next, type netsh reset, and hit Enter.

This will restore your laptop’s internet connectivity. Next, type netsh ip reset. This will reset the laptop’s internet protocol to its default setting.

Sometimes we need to properly set up the modem. You will lose all your settings if you reset the modem. Set up your modem starting from zero.

Modem Set Up

We don’t properly set up our hardware, and this is why most troubleshooting situations are created. It is important that you follow all instructions given to you by your ISP when setting up a modem. These steps will help you if you don’t have the instructions.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t install your modem the first time. These steps can help you solve your problem. First, connect your modem.

There are different jacks that you can plug your cables into depending on whether you have DSL, cable or internet. The phone cord is plugged into the DSL port, while the coax cable is plugged into the cable Jack.

Connect the modem and the outlet. The jack is the appropriate jack. After you have completed these steps, you can turn on your modem using. It should be easy to get everything working correctly.


If the modem doesn’t work after you reset it, this means there is something wrong with your router, ISP or current configuration. You can always start everything from scratch.

If this fails, you can manually install the firmware or reset your TCP/IP protocol. If all else fails, contact customer service at your ISP. They may be able to help you solve the problem.

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