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how Norton email scanning protects encrypted email accounts?

Emails from accounts that are set up for SSL cannot be scanned by Norton’s email scanning tool. Email scanning can only scan emails from accounts that have POP3 and SMTP enabled. Because the emails you receive in your secure (SSL) accounts are encrypted, Norton email scanning won’t be able to read them before they’re downloaded to your inbox.

You are, however, still safe. If you receive an email with an infected attachment, the file is downloaded together with the email to your inbox. When you try to open it, Norton’s Auto-Protect feature detects the infection and removes it.

This is true of nearly all webmails. The infected attachments may be available for download, but Norton identifies and eliminates them when you try to access them.

The email scanning feature detects and removes the contaminated file even before it is downloaded to your inbox in the case of POP3 accounts.

The additional layer of protection provided by the email scanning capability for POP3 accounts is monitored by Norton. When you disable the email scanning feature, you may receive a notice stating that your machine is not protected. If you have SSL accounts or if you don’t have an email account configured at all, this message can be disregarded.

How do I Enable or Disable Email Scanning in Norton AntiVirus Online?

Email scanning protects you from potentially hazardous emails by scanning both incoming and outgoing emails.

Please follow the steps below to enable email scanning in Norton AntiVirus Online:

  1. On the desktop, double-click the Norton AntiVirus icon.
  2. Go to Norton AntiVirus and select it.
  3. Go to Status and choose it.
  4. Select Email Scanning from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Turn On option.

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