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Office 365 Message Encryption - Secure Email

by stacy

The objective of an encrypted email is to protect the confidentiality of the information contained within it. A message’s content is hidden from view by converting it into code, which is known as encryption. It is particularly beneficial when you need to convey sensitive information that you do not want other people to be able to see. In addition, because email is sent through the internet, it is susceptible to being intercepted by cybercriminals. Using encryption, you can ensure that your message can only be read by the intended recipient by adding an extra layer of protection to your communication.


The top five questions are as follows:

Using Office 365 Message Encryption, how do I send a secure email to a recipient?

By simply including the word SECURE in the subject line of your UMassMed email, your communication will be encrypted and delivered securely to the recipient. It is possible to activate encryption by selecting the Encrypt function from the Outlook Mail client or the Office 365 Outlook on the web.

How many folks who are not affiliated with UMMS send me a secure email?

Create an e-mail with the term SECURE in the subject line and send it to the person with whom you’d like to start an encrypted e-mail thread; this is the recipient who will receive the message.

Email recipients should reply to the email in the Encrypted Message format to ensure that their response is received via an Encrypted Channel.

Further correspondence can take place via the standard reply procedures, all of which take place over the encrypted message thread. The initial communication must come from a UMass Medical School e-mail address and must be encrypted; this is a critical component of the protocol (via the word SECURE in the subject line).

Is it true that my email and any attachments would be encrypted if I use secure email?

The entire communication, including any attachments, is encrypted using Office 365 Message Encryption.

How long do you think the encrypted communication will be valid?

The recipient will have access to encrypted emails for seven days.

What if we already have TLS in place?

If the Medical School has created a “TLS” relationship with another organization’s email, secure email is not required in this case. The recipient doesn’t need to register with TLS if the word secure appears in the subject of an email sent to an address that is already registered with the service. If you would like to see a list of the domains and companies with which we have TLS setup, please see the following internal page: If you would like to see a list of the domains and organizations with which we have TLS setup, please see the following internal page: TLS are listed below.

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