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How to make each new employee feel welcome during onboarding

by stacy

When a new employee is brought on board, the onboarding process starts all over again. This crucial moment gives companies the opportunity to get off to a strong start with their new hires by displaying their enthusiasm and warmth, and it gives successful candidates the chance to feel welcomed into the fold from the very beginning of their employment with the company.

There is a lot more to a successful onboarding process than just giving someone a firm handshake and saying “welcome aboard, kid.” Continue reading to learn how you can make each new employee feel welcome and motivated during their first few days and weeks on the job by following the steps outlined in the following paragraphs.

Start before “day one”

When your new employee finally gets settled in at their new job, the onboarding process should already be well under way. Making sure that the procedure of sending out a job offer and organising all of the necessary paperwork is a smooth one is the easiest way to demonstrate that you value their time and that you respect the value of their time. When you’re a fresh face on the team, nothing is more frustrating than being thrown into the middle of a crucial situation without any explanation.

Find yourself an electronic signature programme that will make the completion of this task a breeze. The appropriate platform will enable you to send out offers that look professional and are easy and obvious to fill out and sign. It will also notify you of any updates or changes to the corresponding documents, allowing you to be extremely responsive to your customers’ needs. The use of electronic signature software is another excellent way to demonstrate to prospective employees that your business is cutting-edge, technologically advanced, and forward-thinking.

It takes a village

When starting a new job, one of the most nerve-wracking aspects is likely going to be assimilating into the social structure of the company, even more so than learning the ropes of the company itself. It is imperative that employees be made to feel welcome the moment they enter the office and throughout their time there. The following are some examples of how you can use the human touch to calm the first-day nerves of your new employee:

– Ensure that there is a member of staff standing by the entrance to greet them and invite them inside.

Rather than allowing them to explore the office on their own, appoint someone to accompany them and introduce them to the other employees in a one-on-one setting as soon as they arrive.

– Organize a straightforward occasion for the purpose of fostering a sense of community within the workplace, such as a pizza lunch or a breakfast to welcome the new employee to the office or department.

– If you are their immediate superior, make sure to schedule between thirty minutes and one hour of uninterrupted time to sit down with them and develop a personal connection: This experience may consist of anything from establishing expectations regarding work to simply having a pleasant cup of coffee together.

– Assign them a “buddy” for the first day, week, or month of work – someone they can feel comfortable going to for small questions or advice. – This will help them feel more at ease asking questions or seeking guidance.

The art of the swag bag

Have a swag bag ready and waiting for your new employee at their desk as a pleasant and unexpected gesture of welcome. It’s a great way to make them feel like they’re already a part of the group if you give them a gift of a compact kit containing a variety of useful items that bear the company’s logo. When you go into that first meeting carrying a company pen or when you pour the first cup of coffee into a mug with the company logo on it, you get a much warmer and welcoming feeling.

Frequent check-ins

Did you know that the majority of employees make the decision about whether or not they will continue working for a company within the first six months of their employment? Onboarding is a process that begins before an employee’s first day on the job and continues well beyond the first few days or weeks of that employee’s tenure with the company.

A great way to maintain an active and productive dialogue between management and new staff is to conduct performance reviews and check-ins on a regular basis for the first six months to one year of a team member’s tenure. These check-ins and reviews can take place bi-weekly, monthly, or every three months. In this way, management is able to provide continuous feedback to employees regarding their performance, and employees, in turn, are able to voice any questions or concerns they may have regarding their role as they continue to learn and develop.

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