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by stacy

Creating an Email Address at IONOS

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Log in to IONOS to access the Email & Office panel.

Optional – Select the contract you want.

Click on “Create email address” and choose the desired IONOS product such as Basic.
You will see the button Order here if your contract does not contain a mailbox of the type you want. This will take to you to the order page. You will then be informed about all the terms and conditions of the order. Then you can proceed to create your email address.

Complete the input fields.

Enter the Email address you want to use (the part before the @ sign), and choose a domain.

In the next field, enter the password you want and then repeat it.

Optional – If you want to also forward emails to an existing email address click Add forwarding target. Enter the email address that you wish to be the forwarding destination.

Optional – Select your security setting. You will need to activate the appropriate checkbox.

Anti Spam: Get SPAM protection in your mailbox

IONOS Premium antivirus protection: Virus Protection can be purchased as an option for certain contracts. You will be redirected directly to the IONOS Shop product page if you click the activate button. You will find additional information about the services available and cost.

Click on “Save”.

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