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Feature drop: bundle templates and original docs into a single signature request!

by stacy

What could possibly be more delicious than a piece of toast spread with peanut butter and another piece of toast spread with jelly? Making a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich by slapping them together. An even more streamlined electronic signing process is the result of a recent feature update in which two of our most popular features, namely Multi-doc requests and Templates, were integrated into a single offering.

In the past, users were only permitted to attach a single category of document to each signature request. If you wanted to deliver an original file together with a template file for signing, you would need to create a separate request for each file type in order to do so. Now, rather than having to complete an additional step, it is feasible to include not just the originals but also templates as well as numerous templates within a single eSignature request!

The workings of it
Add Multiple Templates in a Request Signature

Step 1: After you have successfully logged in to your Signeasy account, navigate to the upper left corner of the screen and click the blue “Start Signing” button. From there, pick “Request Signature.”

Step 1 MDT

Step 2: Directly above the drag-and-drop box, click the button labelled “Select Templates.” You can add as many as you like! If that is all that needs to be done, go ahead and look over your documents before sending in your request. Proceed to the next step if you want to add original documents to the same request that you already submitted.

1.a. MDT Step

Step 3: Add a mixture of own content and pre-made templates.

To include all of the documents that require a signature, click the “Select Originals” button and add them to the list. When you get to this point, you can then add any essential fields to your originals, and all you have to do is ask for a signature!


3a. STEP of the MDT


With the advent of this brand new functionality, our goal is to streamline workflow and significantly cut down on the amount of time you would normally spend delivering templates one at a time.

The experience that customers have when using Signeasy is already quite valuable, but our team is always trying to make it even better. We are always releasing new and improved features – a large number of which are influenced by actual user input – so that you may eSign with complete assurance and convenience.

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