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Online contract signing in remote hiring

by stacy

You, as the person in charge of hiring, are responsible for drafting up all of the employment contracts. At this point, all that is required of you is for the HR director and CEO of your organisation to approve it and sign it.

Therefore, you email it to the two executives in the C-suite, and then you wait.

And be patient. In addition, remind them (over email). Repeat the check to verify if they have signed it this time. Then there will be further waiting. Up until the very end, when they finally signed the document. That’s a lost week or two of your time.

After that, you send the document to the new member, only to run into the same problem there as well. What a time-consuming and inefficient procedure!

It is quite evident that in the midst of the current social distancing to restrict COVID-19, it has become more difficult to get all of the hiring papers passed.

By enabling users to instantly authenticate documents without the need for paper and pen, online contract signing solutions have the potential to come to the rescue and put an end to the daily problems that are associated with this process. Electronic signature software, such as Signeasy, enables you to remotely exchange contracts with a single or multiple parties, as well as to automatically send those parties reminders to approve the document and to share the document’s status. This can all be done from any location at any time.

To this day, I’m willing to wager that “online contract signing” is not one of the top five priorities for your company’s business in 2020. Explore the contents of today’s post to learn what should be and why it should be.

Why online contract signing for remote hiring?

There are a great number of documents that need the “signature of permission” from new hires and internal stakeholders at each and every step of the hiring and pre-onboarding processes, including the following:

Offer letter NDA
Employment contract
Forms for new employees
Policy documents etc etc
Due to the ongoing “remote work experiment” in which we are all participants, it is not going to be possible in the near future to physically deliver the printed copies of these contracts to new joinees or freelancers, nor will it be possible to follow up on the status of these contracts after they have been delivered. Even if you were to email the contracts, the recipient would still need to print them out, sign them by hand, scan them, and then send them back to you through email. This antiquated method of document processing would not only result in a decrease in production, but the delay would also end up producing a negative impression about your organisation in the minds of potential new employees.

Electronic signatures are the only answer that makes sense to consider in this scenario.

This demand is further accentuated by the increasing gig economy, which is fuelled by Generation Y and Generation Z.

It should come as no surprise that research indicates that the global market for electronic signatures (e-signatures) is anticipated to create revenue in the amount of $9,073.1 million by the year 2023.

The issue that needs to be asked is, given that all signs point in the direction of adopting online contract signing, why wait another minute?

Find out what makes using online contract signing platforms like Signeasy so beneficial to the efficiency of your organisation by reading the following:

Extremely user-friendly
Within your electronic signature tool, you can either upload an already existing document or assign signers to an existing one. Your employment contract will then be ready to be delivered at that point. After that, all you have to do is click the “send” button, and then you can relax in the knowledge that the signed document will be returned to you within a few hours, or even minutes, at the very most.

It really is that easy and obvious to understand.

There will be NO hard copies printed of any employee contracts, resumes, or other compliance paperwork.
DO NOT send it in the mail for employees to sign DO NOT scan copies of contracts that have already been signed
NO keeping of mountains of personnel records
Imagine the thousands of dollars you would save on paper, postage, mailing supplies, and effort if you didn’t need to mail anything!

In addition, using the mobile-friendly electronic signature programme provided by Signeasy, newly hired employees may now affix their signatures to documents pertaining to hiring using a mouse, stylus, or even their finger while they are on the move.

Signeasy is so widespread that it has even made its way to the beaches of Aruba. The La Cabana Resort & Casino on the island makes use of the application to facilitate the collection of signatures on important papers relating to recruitment, onboarding, and other similar processes. As a result, the management of La Cabana’s staff, which consists of more than 200 full-time employees and over 100 contractors, is simplified.

No more putting pen to paper!
Nothing justifies having to wait indefinitely and follow up on document signatures, regardless of the time zone in where your newly hired employees are located. This laborious process can be compressed into fewer than a few hours if you implement an effective electronic signature system that enables you to achieve the following:

Establish procedures that automatically send status notifications (indicating who has seen and signed the document) and copies of the document that have been signed to the owners of the documents.
Send sluggish signers automated reminders that prompt them to finish the document so you may go on.
Perform safe authentication of documents over a remote connection.

a more streamlined operation
Whether or not you practise self-quarantine, it is likely that you conduct candidate interviews, evaluate them, and then enter their details into an HR management software utilising Zoom or Skype.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, immediately after entering the candidate’s information into the HRM tool, you could also send the offer letter to the candidate from within the HRM tool itself?

Electronic signature solutions make this feasible by connecting with preexisting programmes that enhance efficiency. Examples of such applications include Gmail and Freshteam, as well as Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. It adds a layer on top of your favourite applications and gives you the ability to directly transmit and sign contracts without interrupting the flow of work.

You may also set up approval procedures, which will automatically urge recipients to sign papers in a particular order or concurrently. These workflows can be set up by you.

Contracts that use templates

In the year 2020, using contract templates could end up being a significant productivity enhancer for you.

By using the eSignature tool to create a template of the contracts that are most frequently used, your recruitment staff will be able to eliminate the step in which they manually type out new employment contracts (and other similar documents) and highlight the signing fields each time.

Signeasy even gives you the option to incorporate the colours and logo of your business into the design template, so you can give it a more personalised feel. After all, establishing a positive reputation for your business is of the utmost importance in the very first few contacts you have with newly hired employees.

Because you no longer need to spend as much time drafting and developing contracts, you will have more time to concentrate on what truly matters, which are the more strategic and imaginative components of the hiring process.

documents that are both safe and free of errors

Employment contracts are not always simple to understand, especially when there are dozens of signatories and terms involved. Your new employee may unwittingly make mistakes in the completion of the document because they now have to be signed remotely, and there is no point of contact to swiftly answer any questions that may come up during the sign-in process.

Signeasy provides document fields that provide signers with instructions and help parties understand how to properly fill out the document to prevent this from happening. And as a result, the effort that your team would have spent scrutinising each employment contract or NDA for inaccuracies is saved as a result of this.

The electronic signature programme gives you the option of securing the document with a passcode as well as biometric authentication, which will prevent the document from being opened or signed by anyone who was not intended to do so.

Say aye! The future of work is being remade by the advent of online contract signing.
I would suggest that, at the end of the day, you look at the current reality of remote work as an excellent chance to reinvent your hiring and onboarding procedure. To be successful in the world that will exist after COVID-19, you will require a toolbox full of the very finest of their kind.

One good example is the digitization of paper documents and the utilisation of online contract signing.

Thankfully, the ability to sign contracts online has been around for quite some time. It is generally acknowledged and has maintained its significance since the early 2000s. Therefore, regardless of where your hires are based, contracts with an e-signature will be just as legally binding as (and more secure than) the old-school wet-ink form. These contracts will be compliant with the ESIGN legislation in the United States and the eIDAS law in Europe.

Are you still hesitating between the two options? Why not take advantage of Signeasy’s free 14-day trial to see how much of a difference the ability to digitally sign contracts can make to your HR department’s day-to-day operations?

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