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How to Set Up Optimum Online Email

Your primary email address is usually set up by an Optimum technician at the time of your modem installation. You can create a new primary email address if you have your modem. (link in Resources) You can add up to four email accounts to your Optimum Online accounts. Optimum Online Boost and Optimum Online Boost Plus accounts allow you to have as many as 14 email addresses. Log in to your Optimum online account to view your email online.

Create a new primary account

Step 1

Navigate to the Optimum ID creation page (link under Resources).

Step 2

In the boxes next to “Account number”, enter your Optimum Account Number. Your Optimum bill statement will have your account number located in the upper right corner. Your account number may also be found on the work order or packing slip of your modem.

Step 3

In the box next to “Last name,” enter your last name. Next, enter the number of your account’s phone number in the boxes next to “Phone Num.” To create your Optimum primary account, click the “Next” button. Follow the instructions which may vary depending on the type of your Optimum online account.

Accessing Your Optimum Account

Step 1

Navigate to the Optimum Sign In Page (link in Resources).

step 2

In the “OptimumID” field, enter your OptimumID and your password. Your optimum is the first part (before @) of your email address. For example, “your username” would be the Optimum ID for “yourusername@optonline.net.”

Step 3

To sign in to your Optimum Account and access your email, click the “Sign in” button.

Add additional email addresses

Step 1

Log in to the website Optimum with your primary OptimumID and click “Create Additional Identifications.”

Step 2

Enter the Optimum ID for the new email address and select a password. Click “Submit” to answer the security questions.

Step 3

Fill in your personal information and click “Submit”. After you have completed the form, you can immediately start using your email address.

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