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Orange Light On Router (Easy Solutions)

by stacy

Every day, we’re accustomed to seeing lights on our router. They are commonly green, blue, or orange in colour. Is there any cause to be concerned if you see an orange light on your router now? What does an orange light represent, and how can you get rid of it? This post will provide a thorough explanation as well as some recommendations.

So, let’s figure out what the router’s orange light indicates.

orange light on router

Orange light on router: What does it mean?

Depending on your router brand and type, the orange light could indicate different things. The following paragraphs will cover the most commonly used meanings for the orange light on your router. If you need a more detailed explanation, consult the user’s manual.

Different lights can blink orange as well. They won’t blink sometimes, instead remaining solid orange. This should not, however, deter you from repairing it. The following are the main reasons:

All these causes for the orange light on your router are easily fixed. These issues can be fixed quickly and easily with simple solutions. You may not be able to control the orange light that appears on your router. Therefore, we will need to wait until your ISP addresses the issue.

How to Fix the Orange Light on Your Router

There are many things you can do to fix it. Start by checking the connections and cables, power-cycling your router, looking for service outages and resetting it to factory settings.

If you don’t feel comfortable making these changes, don’t. Perhaps you should contact your ISP for help. They can inspect and connect your line to you. They’ll send a professional to fix the problem eventually.

However, if you want to try to fix the problem yourself or simply don’t want to wait for someone to come and fix it, you might try the following options. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Make sure to check the cables and connections

An orange light could be caused by a damaged or loose cable, which can lead to a loose connection. It is important to ensure that all cables are securely and properly connected. It is important to check the cables for any visible damage or extreme bending. If you find something wrong, replace it or reconnect it securely and check whether the orange light still appears on the router. Ethernet cables have a great advantage: When you insert them into the port, you should hear a click sound that indicates it is connected tight.

2. Power-Cycle for the Router

The second solution is simple and very efficient. Most routers can be restarted to fix problems. It clears the router’s cache memory, and if it encounters problems with its software, it can usually be resolved once the router boots up again.

This will require you to disconnect the power cord from the router. You can leave it without power for several minutes, then reconnect it. Give it time to turn on and then check the light. This should be enough in most cases. If the orange light remains on or blinks, it’s time to investigate whether something else, outside of your control, is to blame.

3. Verify if an outage is causing the problem

You may not get any internet signal if your ISP has issues. This can cause connectivity issues and the router will usually indicate the problem by flashing an orange light.

service outege detected

Your ISP may have a dedicated app that will alert you if there is an outage in your region. You can also log in to your ISP’s official website with your account information to see if an outage has occurred. Contact support to find out if there are problems in your local area. Websites such as DownDetector, similar to Google, will let you know if there are any similar problems in your local area.

You can’t wait to find out if there is an outage that caused the orange light. The orange light will turn off when your ISP resolves the issue.

4. Reconnect everything

Sometimes it’s possible to accidentally connect the wrong cables to ports while installing equipment or moving home network devices. You can make sure that this is not the situation by reconnecting everything. If you follow the instructions for self-installation, any mistakes will be pointed out. When you are adding a new device to your home, place the old router side-by side. Then disconnect and connect each cable one at a time. This will ensure that there is no chance for error.

5. Update the Router Firmware

Your router may signal that you need to update the router firmware after you’ve been away from it for a while. You will need to log into your router to find the firmware upgrade settings. You will find them under Maintenance, System or Administration.

Some ISPs push firmware updates automatically when they become available. If that is the case, the orange light will indicate a firmware upgrade that is taking place in the background. Just wait for the firmware update to complete if you suspect that it is. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, the orange light will fade.

6. Reset the Router to Factory Settings

If you have tried everything and still get the orange light, it may be possible to reset your router to factory settings. Before you proceed, you should know that your customized settings (WiFi name, password, port forwarding, etc.) will be lost. To access and manage your network, you’ll need to reset the router and use the default login details. If you’re not confident about the default login credentials, don’t use them. Don’t revert to factory settings on your router.
reset button on router
It is very easy to do if that’s what you want. This can be done either manually or using an app on your phone. You will need a pen, paperclip, or similar item to manually reset your router to factory settings. Because the Reset button is normally hidden within a pinhole, you will need one. Press the reset button for between 10 and 30 seconds. The router will reboot or the lights come on. Allow it to stabilize for a while before you attempt to log in with your default login details.

When you want to reset your router to factory settings, we recommend that you follow the instructions in the router manual. Depending on which router you have, the time it takes to hold the button down will vary. Our guides will help you to reset your router to factory settings.

Last words

There are many reasons why the orange light appears on your router. Also, there are several ways to fix it. The solutions in this article were tested and proven to work. Many users have also been able to solve the problem themselves. If nothing else works, you can contact tech support to ask for assistance.

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